Today Howard K Stern’s dreams came true. According to reports he and Anna Nicole Smith were married in the Bahamas this morning – two days after Howard announced (in a trance-like state) their marriage plans on Larry King Live. Howard always had a strange lawyer -client relationship with Anna. He gave up his law practice to be her full time companion. For years he quietly adored her and did whatever outrageous thing she asked him to do. He was on every episode of her reality show on E! and hung in there while she ballooned in weight and finally lost it all. He was by her side through all sorts of boyfriends (and maybe some girlfriends ) not to mention numerous court appearances. And he was there when she needed a father for her new baby. He never gave up and he got what he always wanted. At least SOMEBODY’S happy!

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3 thoughts on “MR AND MRS SMITH?

  1. Howard and Anna are just continuing their freak fest. Their marriage is a joke. Anna just needs a baby daddy, and I cant believe anyone actually believes for a second that Howard is the baby

  2. My heart breaks for her loss of her son, Daniel.
    This is devastating for her.
    I hope her baby, Danni helps
    her get through all this.

  3. I can’t imagine having my child lay down next to me, and die.
    I think, Howard may be taking advantage of her grief stricken state.

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