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Few people realize that Morgan Freeman suffered long-term impairment to his left hand in that car accident in 2008. Nerve damage left the hand paralyzed and he continues to have physical therapy and must wear a special glove to keep the hand stable. How this problem is disguised in his movies remains to be seen. He’s in New York promoting “Invictus” in which he plays Nelson Mandela.

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  1. Nerve growth if you are lucky and they grow back in a healthy person is an inch a month and bringing back the muscles because of nerve damage depends on the person! It’s not fake!

  2. He’s gonna have to keep a stable of whores, ’cause it looks like he will not be able to vigorously use that hand for a while.

  3. At about 9:20 AM Central Standard time, on Wednesday, December 2, Morgan Freeman was a guest on Regis/Kelly Live. His left hand was as pictured above. No one on the show mentioned it, only his new movie, which from the clip looked really boring.

  4. The glove is to keep the hand from closing into a ball or claw.

    Nerve endings grow back in young people. Even in your 30’s, it could take a decade or more to grow back. At his age, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

    Do all these men have their hands out of the cars when they roll, ala Shia?

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  6. Judging by the crash photos, he is lucky he (and the woman he was with) didn’t have a more serious injury. The drive to have sex with as many women as possible cause men countless problems.

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