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Rumor has it Monica Lewinsky is shopping a sizzling and graphic tell-all about her Clinton relationship to publishers in New York. It’s been 14 years since the sex scandal humiliated Bill and Hillary Clinton and they would be devastated to have the subject brought up again. Reps for Bill are said to have contacted Monica and pleaded with her not to write the book. Monica is 39 and single now, and although she no longer has a handbag business she did earn a masters degree in social psychology. Certainly she could use some extra money. We’re betting she won’t HAVE to write a book and she’ll end up with LOTS of money! If she does Bill a favor and shelves the tell-all, we predict he will be INCREDIBLY generous and make sure she has no money worries….

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  1. She wrote a book years ago….We heard it all back then. Who is going to even buy this book? She is gross.

  2. “Monica is 39 and single now”

    That’s all ya need to know. Bitter revenge will eat you alive, Miss Portly Pepper-pot. Forgive and move on.

    Bu is correct. Who will but this? Why do we need to re-live her drama when there are so many problems more pressing to deal with.

  3. Bill splooged on her dress and reamed her with a cigar.
    Is there more? Do we wanna hear it?

  4. What more could there be to tell? I personally have heard all I ever need to. She was stupid, he used her, end of story

  5. Monica, Go marry a “nice” jewish boy and have a baby — move on from your past. No one is interested in reading about you!!!!!

  6. She was naive and she got caught doing something stupid! Who hasn’t at age 22. This story is something she lived through, so she has every right to tell it.

  7. Don’t fall for this tabloid trash, there is no book deal. She already gave everything to Andrew Morton. She has nothing left to tell. Get a job, Monica.

  8. see what the rite dick sucked at the rite time and maybe in the rite place can do?

  9. She should forget writing the book, get several millions from Billy (he has it) and then move to Europe and live in a mansion. Europeans applaud this/her kind of activity, (esp. French and Italians?) She would even be kind of a star there.

  10. It appears the only job Monica has been able to get has the work “blow” in it and apparently at 39 is no longer paying well. This woman should be ashamed of herself. What happened, happened. And she is as much responsible as Clinton. Let’s not forget prior to Clinton, Monica followed one of her instructors to Portland, Oregon to carry on an affair while maintaining a friendship with the unsuspecting wife. Monica’s past is trashy. She was no innocent and she is whoring her past for big bucks. Shame on her.

  11. She deserves every cent she gets, whether it comes from Clinton or whether it comes from book sales. He used an impressionable young woman and ruined her life.

  12. No different than the Polanski “victim” writing a book on an event of 35 years ago.

  13. The Arkansas nurse that got raped should write a book, because the media totally ignored her tragedy and focused on the bimbos.

  14. her physical condition couldn’t satisfy bill clinton also………..

  15. She doesn’t need the money. Her step-father is a billionaire. And she’d just embarrass herself.

  16. I’ll take a guess and suggest she’s nuts–i.e., the degree in social psychology. That says it all. No one is getting in line to buy her book proposal, including the Clintons.

  17. I do miss her. She was the best humidor I have ever had!

    But many of you have forgotten that the whole mess I got into wasn’t about the sex. It was that I was trying to tamper with the sexual harassment lawsuit brought against me. Witness intimidation, perjury under oath, suborning the perjury of others. This just wasn’t trying to cover up sex with an intern. This was about the attempt to cover up witness tampering to stop a sexual harassment case. Big difference. But I am thankful I have a bunch of dumb fellow americans that can’t think for themselves and are easily manipulated. So thank you for letting me skate and making a mockery of our justice system!

  18. Are so many of you that obtuse? If Monica didn’t have anything new to say, no one would be publishing this book. The fact is, she held a lot back. And I think it’s time Monica exposes who the real Bill Clinton is and that is a sociopath rapist.

  19. The bottom line is MONEY. She will need it for her later retirement. If she’s smart, the book revealing ALL is already written, in a safe deposit box somewhere, authorized for release to publication in the event of her ‘accidental’ death. With that in place, she can negotiate a substantial monthly or yearly stipend from The Clinton Megafortune, with which she can indeed live anywhere in the world she chooses. Be smart, Monica, and have a long, good life. You’ve earned it.

  20. she looks great, poor thing. imagine that kind of scrutiny, criticism, for what really ? we sure love to eat our young ….

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