The Meadows $4000 per day treatment facility in Arizona has officially become headquarters for Models With Problems. Almost any kind of problems. Elle MacPherson spent time there treating a bout of depression. Kate Moss checked in for her highly publicized substance abuse. Elle recommended the place to Amber Valletta, who just completed a week of treatment there for “work stress, and image issues.” It’s difficult to imagine anyone THAT successful and beautiful being stressed about career and appearance, but it happens. The facility also offers treatment for compulsive disorders – eating, gambling, love, and sex addiction. Maybe someone should tell Janice Dickinson about this place.

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  1. “Image issues”….do I sense a new problem that celebrities are going to be grappling with? “I had to go to the spa for a week to deal with my image issues.” I wish I had such a problem. I’m more worried about the small things, like being at work and paying my bills. Ah, the life of the fabulously wealthy. Only they can suffer from image issues.

  2. Drugs are more likely.
    Valletta and her former BFF, Shalom Harlow were reported to have had “issues” with chemicals back in the day.

  3. do they think we’re morons? puulleezzz – you know she’s doing drugs!! come on…everyone knows her ans harlow had issues! get real and just come out with the truth!

  4. As a once friend of amber , basically she is a drugged out whore. Worldwide though. I have death threats in writing from her. What a nice person. she is a mentalcase

  5. it has to be anorexia. poor babe. her bmi is like 16.5 or something…well below even other skinny celebrity’s b.m.i.’s.

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