The Hollywood Girl Feuds are still flourishing. At the Chateau Marmont party hosted by Penelope Cruz, Mischa Barton and Rachel Zoe were having a good time – but with one eye on the door. They did NOT want to run into Nicole Richie so they had planned to make a quick escape if when and if she arrived. They also hoped to avoid Paris Hilton so they asked people to notify them if either turned up. They had their escape route carefully planned so they could leave quickly without any fuss. (The Olsen twins weren’t about to let their dislike of Paris Hilton ruin THEIR good time – they just pretend she doesn’t exist.) Rachel and Mischa wasted their energy – their arch enemies didn’t turn up.


  1. I loved Penelope Cruz in VOLVER. Hope she wins a Golden Globe & Oscar!
    Now, for gossip. Nicole and Paris were doing “Diet Coke” **wink wink** at the club Hyde.

  2. What…these old twats think that they are still in HighSchool? The act like it.

  3. What is with the sloppy hem on that dress! Does this twit know how to iron her clothes?

  4. Why are these sluts famous?
    Why does anyone pay them any attention?
    I bet if y’all stop talking about them, and obsessing about what they wear, where they go, who they like, who they hate, etc, these skinny ass illiterate bitches would dry up and blow away.
    Probably back to the WalMart where they belong.

  5. 2 Pez Dispensers,looking for fame and a bump.The diet of tic tacs and water sure is paying off……OYE VEY

  6. Mischa’s Chanel bag is awful. It is so 80’s and not in a good way. Is she carrying a banana clip in there? Also, just because the bubble dress is in style does not mean it flatters her or anyone. She looks like she’s wrapped in a diaper with a ton of poop in the bottom. Rachel needs to eat something and grow some boobs and ass. Starving herself like that only makes her look old and haggard. Such a shame!

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