rourkecut.jpgHe’s no looker these days, but Sin City actor Mickey Rourke wants everyone to know he has gotten engaged TO A MODEL. We imagine that back in the days when he was starring in Diner and Nine 1/2 Weeks he had more models than he knew what to do with. But Mickey took up boxing and had a LOT of plastic surgery and hasn’t looked the same since. But he proudly showed off his fiancee Christine Myers at numerous premiers and parties in Cannes. The pair plan to live in New York- along with his collection of dogs.

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  1. she’s no Caree Otis, just a regular cute chick.
    but…given Mr, Rourke looks like the walking dead these days, I get your point.

  2. Let’s see how many days after the wedding night before she has to call 911!

  3. When I see crap like this it really makes me ashamed for my sex. Some women will do anything for a buck.

  4. Of course he can get a model, with a pocketful of cocaine and ExLax anyone could.

  5. He must still have some of that 9 1/2 Weeks money left over from the “corrective” surgery. *clears throat*

  6. Just a paid off whore – jeez don’t those PR folks know we’re hip to blind items and blogs??
    MR always buys a chick for premiers.

  7. Can’t believe all the NY gossip columnists are falling for this stunt. And yes, Rourke has done this before.
    Does anyone check facts??

  8. Model is just another fancy name for someone who doesn’t mind working in front of a camera, trying to look like somebody glamorous, like they have it all.
    Guess, she’s figured out she’s gotta marry into money to really have it all.
    Margo Channing…you nailed it… either ~ coke or exlax.

  9. I need to contact Don King and see if he’d create a website like this for the Boxing world.
    I mean, imagine if the boxing fan could post comments about boxers and their last fight.

  10. Wasnt there a blind item where he hires a woman to be his girlfriend before and during these soiree’s in the acting world.

  11. My lord! He looks TERRIBLE! What the hell happened to the Mickey Rourke from the 80’s? This guy is a walking nightmare now. Wow…

  12. My lord! He looks TERRIBLE! What the hell happened to the Mickey Rourke from the 80’s? This guy is a walking nightmare now. Wow…

  13. What a shame. I guess I’ll have to wait a couple of months till his over this one for my chance

  14. considering he still hasnt slept with her and she goes out with other male models i think that they make a great couple. also he still plays around with other whores, perfect

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