m_etheridgecut_021907_06.jpgSince Melissa Etheridge is showing off her new twins, we are again inspired to speculate about paternity. In 1997 Melissa’s then-partner Julie Cypher gave birth to a daughter named Bailey and a year later their son Beckett was born – also by in vitro fertilization. The father was identified as drug addled, overweight musician Dave Crosby, who also had a liver transplant. At the time Melissa was best friends with Brad Pitt and the idea of HIS providing sperm had been discussed. We still contend that Brad is the REAL father of her babies and they identified Dave to throw everybody off the scent. We have yet to see a picture of these two older kids to see if they resemble Brad – but we bet they do. The new twins (Melissa’s current partner Tammy Lynn Michaels is the mom) are a toss-up – they might be Brad’s or they might not. But they ARE awfully cute.

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  1. Cool rumour. That’s a new one to me. The babies in the picture do bear a resemblance to Shiloh. Then again, it may be too soon to tell.

  2. Well, if you read David Crosby’s bio, he certainly claims he’s the father of Bailey and Beckett and that he wouldn’t have donated the sperm had he known those two women were going to get divorced. This rumor seems a little far out there to be believed….same as the rumor that Anna Nicole’s son, Daniel, is the father of Dannielynn. I don’t buy that one, either. Let’s hope they get a paternity test ASAP and get that resolved.

  3. Would you choose Crosby? Fat and bald genes over Pitt genes. You make the call…

  4. I really don’t think Brad Pitt would donate his sperm and then having nothing to do with the kids. Seems like a very hands-on Dad.
    I believe it really is David Crosby’s sperm for the first two. The twins were apparently annoymous donors from a sperm bank.

  5. i wonder how involved melissa etheridge is in the lives of the first set of kids julie cypher.
    those kids are about ten years old now. i think that julie ended up going back to men. she was married to a male actor when she hooked up with melissa.
    i do think that david crosby is the biological dad… that was melissa’s idea.
    i dont think that brad really was a close friend..they hung out and i think it ended on a sour note.
    what a confusing family tree those kids have there.
    kinda irresponsible if you ask me.

  6. yeah, and gay people like to insult straight folks by calling them breeders.

  7. We are suppose to breed. God if that stops then there will be nothing left.

  8. As much as Brad loves kids, I doubt he would agree to be a donor dad and not play an active part in their lives. This rumor is BS.

  9. brad is not exactly a saint himself. dayum, these days in hollywierd the strangest things could be possible.

  10. What I think is that you’re trying to drum up interest in your blog and generate some income for yourself. As badly as Brad Pitt has wanted children of his own, there’s no way he would not have claimed Etheridge & Cypher’s children and let them name someone as gross as David Crosby as the father. With idiot ideas like this it’s little wonder that you don’t work for the Star mag anymore. This desperate plea for attention, after 10 years I might add, is just pathetic. I think it’s time for you to hang it up and go to that old gossips home in nether reaches of the Australian Outback.

  11. LMAO are you for real? Brad is the father of ME’s kids yeah right and I will marry Prince Harry, no wonder the Star fired your ass, because even them would not print that bullshit. I think someone is looking for attention, why don’t you get a life you old hag

  12. Hey Janet,
    You don’t even lie convincingly but I shouldn’t be surprised. Never trust a 75 year old woman trying and failing miserably to look 40. You and your kind are aging dinosaurs who are desperate in your attempts to keep up with the younger hipper bloggers. Your attempts are pathetic and stories like this prove that.
    Even the evil witch Bonnie Fuller wouldn’t print this junk and that’s saying something.

  13. You’re INSANE. Pitt and Ethridge haven’t seen or spoken to each other in 4 yrs per Melissa herself

  14. You think Pitt cares so little about having children that he would actually do something like this? Everyone in the damn free world knows how much children, his children mean to him. It’s the same damn regurgitated rumors from when Julie was pregnant and they had to come out and name the real donor.
    Those twins look NOTHING like Shiloh, so just stop it.

  15. your all idiots she never said brad pitt is the father and bla bla..f*&@ing morons! slow down and read..shes only reiderating what has been said already over the years. brad pitt and melissa etheridge ARE friends and continue to be to this day! when he first came to hollywood he slept on her couch for christ sake! he lived at her place! you people read what you want to read to make it suit you so you can sound intelligent? oh and that ACTOR julie cypher was married to, was lou diamond philips..hahaha take it from a true hollywood insider!..

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