Apparently Mel Gibson is having a lot of success with the “friendly Schnauzer” look he has been sporting since his comeback. Maybe he’s afraid to shave the beard off because he’s definitely been lucky. First, his Oscar–nominated Hacksaw Ridge made money, and brought him back into Hollywood’s good graces. Recently he’s been very secretive about his successful Passion of the Christ follow-up currently in preparation. All anyone knows is that Jim Caviezel is playing Jesus again and Mel’s lips are sealed. We think Mel should stick to directing because his appearance in any movie is now a distraction -we can’t forget “sugar tits”.

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  1. Jnut is just upset that Mel (and all men) won’t ask her out on a date.

  2. Janet’s perfect “Friendly Schnauzer” always brings a smile to our face–such an apt description! 😀

    And, alas, tis true: the “hot” in Mel’s case, has definitely left the building, apparently permanently. But circa the excellent “Mrs. Soffel”? The camera made love to this man.

    More recently, we’re interested in the work of a an intrepid genealogist, who asserts that Mel looks, these days, like an aging man of a certain ethnicity–namely J*wish.

    Yes. You read that correctly.

    According to the researcher, Mel’s tirade, and subsequent stint in purgatory, followed by rehab and redemption, was all a put-up job; the means by which the chief propagandists in our midst (Hi, Hollywood!) wanted to drive home the point about what the bad things that happen to “anti-s*mites,” so-called.

    Our personal take? Things began to smell fishy when–during the publicity firestorm–Winona Ryder(!) came out of who-knows-where to claim that Mel had once taunted her about being “an oven-dodger.”

    Riiiiiight. (This is called “over-playing one’s hand.”)

    To jump to the third reel: Mel is, as Janet points out, the continuing voice and image-maker of the Life of Christ, via his movie series– which, if nothing else, have already included some of the most bloody and violent depictions ever brought to screen.

    All, apparently, intended to undercut that which it claims to “celebrate,” according to the researcher.

  3. With apologies for the numerous typos! We promise to never again surf JCH on a phone. 😀

  4. The same people who pretend to be offended by Gibson need to ask themselves why they support people like Andy Cohen, Harvey levin and Donald Trump!

  5. He looks unhealthy, his skin is somewhat gray and his teeth are very yellow, perhaps from years of smoking.

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