Just as we suspected, as soon as Matt Lauer‘s termination was announced, MORE women worked up the courage to call him out for sexual misconduct. Hopefully, the malevolent and sexist “boys club” that ruled at the Today Show since day one, will finally be broken up for good. We’re guessing that Ann Curry (above) is very happy today – it’s common knowledge that the entitled Lauer orchestrated the termination of the engaging news anchor. And, of course we wonder what Tamron Hall has to say – both of these women were very popular on the show and left for illogical reasons. We’d love to see them both return!

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  1. none of these “powerful” women had a voice for twenty years? they were all victims? so sad, after all the lectures the average woman have endured from these feminist, it turns out they at the weaklings.

  2. So, NBC was finally forced into acting as if it actually had “standards.” What BS. Lauer’s exploits were common knowledge FOR YEARS. It took a sea-change in the (politically correct) climate to unseat him. Now he’s a house-husband! 😀

    Ann Curry should be brought back to Today immediately.

    Good thing Brian Williams was “only” a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR–but kept his hands (and his penis) to himself (as far as we know, thus far).

  3. Just wait until the Spielberg scandal drops. It will make Lauer look like Mickey Mouse.

  4. Ann curry was awful and didn’t deserve to be there, she’s pathetic. Having said that, NBC has opened themselves up to a massive lawsuit! Who do you think paid for matt’s desk with the button to lock his door? I hope these women sue NBC into oblivion.

  5. Hi, Natalie! 😀

    You still sound bitter, even after all these years. Let it go, girl. Be content that you at least managed to “sleep your way to the middle.”

    And you shouldn’t get your lawyer on the horn, just yet: when the sex is consensual, there is no case.

  6. You sound lame, not everyone thinks Ann curry was all that, she came off as weak, some of us didn’t find that appealing.

  7. I never liked Ann Curry. She had that soft irritating voice. Also, has anyone noticed that she would squinch her chin down into a thousand wrinkles. This may all sound trivial, but it drove me nuts.

  8. If NBC was savvy they stop doing the Nightly News at 5:30pm and do it at 9pm EST/8 CST. Since News is now considered “Entertainment”. During that 5:30pm time slot they could just have all advertisements, one right after the other. Which is about how it is now anyway. Maybe for that 5:30 time slot they could have a cooking show or show reruns of Benny Hill. Some of that slap stick British humor with some ladies running around in lace.

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