mmansoncut_eat.jpgMarilyn Manson has done a lot of bragging about his new CD “Eat Me, Drink Me” so we were surprised to learn that he’ll be making a personal appearance at the Hot Topic chain store at The Block – a modest outdoor mall in Orange County. The clothing store is advertising that Manson will be there in person signing CD’s on Friday, May 18, and giving away heart shaped sunglasses like his girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood wears. This seems like a significant step down – magnified by the fact that there’s a Virgin record store just a stone’s throw away. Marilyn Manson fans should check to see if he’s coming to a Hot Topic store in THEIR neighborhood.


  1. He has had his moment and now it’s time for everyone else to move on.

  2. He”s OVVVVVVVVVVVVVVER.Someone failed to tell the ugly one that goth is dead and buried.

  3. Whatever ‘Bev’ goth is not dead- it’s a lifestyle not a tread but i guess you wouldn’t know that-

  4. goth is totally retarded and stupid and fug. okay okay, when you were in 9th grade, maybe it was cool and so very like rebellious, and maybe 12:03 is stuck in that age..?
    this drag queen is really a whimpy little Pu$@y. if he is really into blood and gore and dead bodies, he should go to iraq and strap on the flap on.
    yea, its funny that he is going to try to sell his crap at the store where all the 9th graders shop. he is crustier than the spice girls.

  5. He knows his fans, it’s how he got rich in the first place. He may be weird, but he’s far from stupid.
    Vampires always need fresh blood to stay young anyway, right? The fans (and lovers) are just getting younger and younger.
    If any of us had people (fans) ready to give us that much influence and power over them, we’d probably take them up on it too. I’m his age, and I would. Dude’s all too human. He’s one of the biggest show business bullshitters there is, but he’s still pretty honest overall.

  6. Fans??????when you are signing copies of a c.d. at HOT TOPIC where fat gotch girls in high school shop you know your career is dead and buried.His last c.d.s have tanked and his shows no longer sell out.he plays smaller venues every year.Goth is over and so is this fool.

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