Marc Anthony is a huge star in South America and now that he’s about to be single again, he’s seriously thinking of moving there and living there at least six months out of every year. He considered relocating early in his marriage when he was offered a TV show there, but his wife Jennifer Lopez didn’t like the idea. The main obstacle now is the custody issue – he has partial custody of the twins and it won’t be easy to reach an agreement with Jennifer.



  1. What will Xenu think? Maybe he’ll prescribe vitamins.

  2. I’m not a fan of either of these two. She seems so selfish and often comes across as rude and indifferent. I give her credit for scratching and clawing (some say even sexing her way up..???) her way up. She has certainly made her mark.

    I just cannot imagine a little boney guy like Marc Anthony (love his voice) stripping nude and hopping into bed for a little loving. Bless his heart, those sunken eyes and rail thin rattlin bones would get me out of the mood fast!

  3. Ughh, here we go again!! Scientology obsession. Seems to be all that goes on here anymore. Is there nothing more interesting to talk about?? Just wonderin’

  4. can’t help it: ENTIRE SOUTH AMERICA LOST THEIR MIND, folks!!

  5. MA is like Ben A and very lucky to get out of this marriage. J Lo is the supreme fame whore , very planin when not made up and very limited on talent but with a great manager who lands good paying opportunities.

    She was happy to provide so much sex (including mega amounts of anal) to BLACK Puffy Combs to become famous…..Marc should move to South America where he will become richer and more famous and have mucho beautiful women instead of this cself centered hag!

  6. Not just in SA…Worldwide King of Salsa and mostly Spanish speaking countries.

  7. He’s way too tiny for my taste but he certainly can sing and perform

  8. J Lo is a terrible role model to all the young hispanic girls who buy the cheap junk with her name on it and think that she cares about them. Another sordid story is Jen & Marc’s Foundation which is a scam to employ their relatives at high salaries and basically do nothing else.

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