There are a few significant things to point out in this photograph of Madonna taking her family to a Kabbalah meeting in London. First of all, four year old Mercy has become a Kabbalah regular, proving you are never too young for this type of brainwashing. Secondly, Madonna appears to be wearing a high-rise girdle or waist cincher over her sweater. Interesting outfit. Third, Lourdes is now taller than her mother, who is wearing high heels.

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  1. You can clearly see the personality of the Devil shining through this woman’s thin veneer of fame. It’s chilling the way she signed away her life to spread the words of the Prince of Darkness.

  2. I was hoping Carlos Leon would help Lourdes understand that Kabbalah is a demonic cult. Then I remembered he is dumb as a banana peel. The only hope for Lourdes is to look up Kabbalah website and see for herself it is from Satan. If she sees the light, how can she escape from her demon-possessed totally evil mama? I wouldn’t want to be Vadge on Judgment Day, for she will pay in Hades for getting Mercy mixed up in this.

  3. I read in today’s paper that Vadge is giving a large amount of money to an orphanage in Malawi. News flash: She can give $10 million plus and it will not buy her way into the Pearly Gates if she is in Kabbalah. When the grim reaper calls, she will be shaking hands with her master, Satan.
    And that’s a fact Jack.

  4. The see-through pants show the felting for the pockets, and the hem is frayed from being dragged on the ground. She’s carting along every germ/bacteria from the street.
    Real interesting outfit.

  5. She should of swallowed her pride and stayed with Sean Penn. Tell me, if that guy doesn’t know how to pick movies which are controversal, a cutting edge guy.

    I wonder if he’s a big blues fan down in New Orleans or is it just the hot sauces & gumbo?

  6. Is this a Christian website or something? What a bunch of nuts you have commenting here. Someone should tell the fundies that the internet is the devil, they will believe anything after all.

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