She’s just about to turn 16, and Lourdes Leon is planning her future away from her mother Madonna and Kabbalah. Madonna is a controlling parent, and Lola wants her freedom. Right now Lourdes attends LaGuardia High School of Music and Art in Manhattan, and when she graduates, she hopes to move on to Bard College, a private university with a good performing arts department, which is located 90 miles outside of New York. Lourdes knows she will need to be in the city often to work on her Material Girl clothing and makeup collection, so the location is perfect. Far away, but not TOO far away. According to The Sun, she’s already earned enough money with Material Girl to pay her own tuition and expenses so THAT might discourage Madonna from pushing her to study elsewhere.

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  1. The poor child has been raised by a filthy deranged immoral and irrelevant Woman. Getting away from her and her mystical Jewish overlords may be a big task.

  2. but what will “Granny” do about it?
    …………a surprise?

  3. Body language says it all. Look how she is leaning away from Madonna.

  4. Getting away from that demonic bitch is like trying to escape a cult, hope she makes it over the pen walls.

  5. I thought the same thing about the body language! Living with that demonic bitch must be hell. I’d be counting the days to get away from her and the cult, too.

  6. Yeap, saw the body language and thought the same thing. No love for each other at all.

  7. How embarassing would it be to have Madonna for a mother? She is dating somebody that is more appropriate for her daughter’s age. She dresses like a complete tramp even though she’s old enough to be a Grandma. I would want to run far away from her too.

  8. Let me get this straight: B/c Lola decides she wants to attend Bard she’s doing it to get away from her mother? Huh? Last I remember…most towns dont have 4 yr colleges so If one wants to go to said college it will most likely be AWAY from where they live!! Lol

    Btw: Say what you will about Madge but she obs takes being a mom seriously and is doing something right…Lola is never in the news for acting up. Kudos!

  9. @Tagg. I agree. There’s a video of the two of them talking about the Material Girl line and they’re sweet together. I always get the impression Madonna is a decent mother, although she’s more traditional than her image would suggest.

    Maybe those above should think twice about calling anybody’s mother ‘filthy’ or a ‘demonic bitch’? My mother isn’t perfect but I wouldn’t like to see anyone saying that about her on the internet.

  10. Richie might help her or she can earn a degree.. however this sounds like Madonna empowered woman.. blah blah.. like me she’s on her own.. propaganda..

  11. First of all, Lourdes should break ALL ties with the demonic cult Kabbalah.

    Then if her witch mommy disowns her, well that’s a double plus. Amen

  12. Colin, she really is demonic and into the occult and satanism. If you don’t believe it, do a search on the internet about how her super bowl appearance was symbolic for it!

  13. And we all know what is on the Internet is always 100% accurate!! Lol

  14. Why isn’t she going to FIT or Parsons to develop some design sense.

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