She has never looked more conservative- Lindsay Lohan showed up at the AMFAR event in Cannes wearing PEARLS and a short sleeve dress. She’s been absent from showbiz for awhile and wants to assure producers that she can now be taken seriously. Lindsay has been actively trying to drum up a job for herself – she’s shopping around a social media prank show called The Anti-Social Network. Lindsay was also heard bragging about a series she’s writing about women involved with those billionaire business leaders in Russia who basically run the country for their own benefit. She hopes to star and direct and sell the series to Netflix. Will someone take a chance on her?

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. Bet there’s an intact store-security tag somewhere the folds of that dress. 😀

  2. “somewhere in the folds…”

    (And it’s time for a Scooby-nap.)

  3. She looks so old old old and used. Is she still a lesbian?

  4. Her Coke , Adderal and Meth lifestyle certainly have taken a toll on her. She looks like she is approaching 50 years old.

  5. Make it go away. She can’t act her way out of a paper bag.

  6. She ruined her young face and also that gown is very similar to the gown that was worn by Grace Kelley in the movie Rear Window

  7. All that lesbian hard-partying with Samantha Ronson has caught up with her long ago. She looks approaching 45 or 50,and the matronly hair-do doesn’t help any. Yikes!!!

  8. Didn’t Oprah already take a chance on her, and she failed per usual

  9. Bette Davis? I see no resemblence at all, if you mean the way she is dressed, that dress is an exact replica of a Grace Kelly dress worn in Rear Window.

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