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Here’s the heavily accessorized Lil’ Kim, leaving Paris Hilton’s house in Malibu.We wonder if she’s nervous about Karrine “Superhead” Steffans new book coming out called The Vixen Diaries. Apparently Karrine reveals some VERY personal information about Lil’ Kim. Naughty girls.


9 thoughts on “LIL' KIM STRUTS HER STUFF

  1. Ghetto trash of the worst kind. What is up with that jacked-up face? Is she getting into a “clients” car? Career gurl *WINK WINK*

  2. skanky skanky skany
    I wouldn’t hit that old thang for all the crack in China

  3. what does it say about me that I really like those shoes! spearmint rhino here i come

  4. EwwwEwwwEwww what the hell, did she go to wacko jacko”s plastic surgeon or what?

  5. She was hangin with paris? So glad to see paris was telling the truth when she said she would start hanging out with a different group of friends.

  6. I am sorry but I just do not get the long toenails thing – nor the french pedicure! it looks like claws to me and so gross! What is wrong with some pretty, trim red toenails? And maybe a moratorium on visiting the cosmetic surgeon is in order as well, while we’re on the subject. She doesn’t even look like a real person anymore.

  7. Ghetto fab gone horribly wrong with too much plastic surgery.

  8. You know I heard she’s going to be a the Justin Timberlake concert tomorrow night in Memphis. I wonder if Beyonce is really going to show.
    Doubt it.

  9. You know what these girls need is a real.
    A real friend to give them advice.
    Money sure has a way of spoiling the stars and making them unhappy or is it just the legion of fans who are just pissed off they’ve got the recording contracts.
    Hey, I was over at Stax yesterday. I’m surprised their not over there finding a new medium. Hiphop & rap are just going to chew you up and throw you away.
    Time to get back on your horse and show everybody you stil have it. Jazz is a wide open field, as well.

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