We have to congratulate The National Enquirer for their fabulous scoop on the world’s richest man, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Married Jeff has been besotted with beautiful TV presenter and entrepreneur Lauren Sanchez and sneaking around with her for at least eight months. (Bezos and Lauren’s husband Patrick Whitesell had been friends) Lauren was so thrilled with the romance that she showed her friends naked photos and love messages that Jeff texted her. Naughty girl! ONE of those friends couldn’t resist leaking the info to The National Enquirer a few months ago and the tabloid immediately started investigating and documenting the torrid romance, which they recently revealed with a flourish! Nicely done!

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA



  1. Uh, no, it wasn’t that she “couldn’t keep a secret,” it was that she wanted that money.

  2. And now how many children are involved because these two pieces of trash wouldn’t behave? I hope they both get what’s coming to them. Karma…

  3. Sanchez saw an opportunity, and she quickly jumped (humped) it. She is such a class act that she released their texts and photos to the world. The normally wise (and controlled) Bezos has lost his big brain to his little brain.

  4. I never thought Jeff was this stupid.

    Lauren caught Jeff on th way up, and poor Jeff caught trashy Lauren on the way down. She is way past her expiration date. She used to be a very pretty, sexy girl. Her face is trash now, it looks all knifed up and not quite right. Worst of all she can’t keep her mouth closed. I don’t see this lasting.

  5. When men let their “willies” lead the way, this is what happens. Been going on since the dawn of time.

  6. This relationship won’t last long. Now that his 25 year marriage is dissolving, every woman with a pulse will throw herself at him. This Sanchez person isn’t even that attractive (in my opinion). Sadly, it’s the children of both families who will be hurt by their selfishness. I am happy that his wife will get a ton of money. He didn’t start until after they married, and had 4 children together, so ka-ching for her.

  7. Bezos having a mid life crisis. Not that interesting….

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