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When Lady Gaga was at Harrods in London promoting her perfume she may have seen the “Free Assange – no extradition” sign in front of the Ecuador embassy where Julian Assange has found political asylum. The WikiLeaks founder is trapped there because if he leaves he can be arrested and shipped to Sweden where he has been accused of two sex attacks. Assange must be getting bored there because Lady Gaga was invited over and she spent around five hours at the embassy. We wonder if she and Julian were discussing possible methods of smuggling him out. She certainly might be able to provide a disguise. We may never know what they talked about, but we do have a photo that Gaga proudly posted on her site. Note she is dressed like a spy….

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  1. Janet you are getting older and crazier by the minute, she looks like she’s dressed like a witch more than a spy.

    I don’t understand why this man doesn’t have more support from private citizens. This country and many others do horrible things and as tax payers we should know every last bit about how our tax dollars are spent.

  2. Lady gaga is a fraud.
    Ironically the world needs more people like her.
    Examples of failure
    blu bla ble bla bla bla

  3. Jeebus Janet. Dissing “The Master” and now painting Gaga as a costumed spy? Puhleeez. Gaga’s dressed normally albeit with a witches hat. Assange is a traitor, in every sense of every word, for any country he plans to attend. Gaga may be Gaga, but she ain’t no smuggler and no raper defender. Assange is on his own. In the end though, Gaga may have some ‘splaining to do to her women followers because rape is just so not explainable.

  4. The rape charges are made up by governments to put and end to their secrets being exposed by this man and his website. Duh, you’re a sheep like most Americans who believe everything the six o’clock news tells you.

  5. Both should be imprisoned along with Private Manning the real military soldier that leaked to ASSange…People have been endangered around the world.

  6. She’s dressed like the witch from the Wizard of Oz, yup, that should fool everyone.

  7. well, finally she’d done something good.

  8. The people who were “endangered” by Julian Assange totally deserved to be. The U.S. really needs to learn to keep their dirty little fingers out of everybody’s pie. Why go around the world force-feeding others “democracy” and “freedom” when there’s none left in the homeland?

  9. Assange is a hero to democratic freedom and truth.
    Unless you prefer to be ridiculously misinformed, mindless, automotons for your government and go to war for lies, such as weapons of mass destruction. Don’t let your kids die for corporate interests.
    Wake up people! Assange is shaking the tree.

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