“Take THAT Posh Spice!” is what Lady Gaga seems to be saying with this outlandishly shoulderpadded black suit. Victoria Beckham was first to rock the exaggerated pagoda shoulder look, but now Gaga has outdone her by a mile. HER shoulders are so big they look like the back of an easy chair. Lady Gaga loves the outfit so much she’s already worn it TWICE – while signing CD’s for fans at Best Buy and on the Jay Leno show. We love her sense of humor.

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  1. Sense of humor? I saw this performance on Leno and it was rediculous with her outfits, espiecially that one! When are people going to realize that TALENT is what wil carry them thru the ages, not being a clown in stupid get-ups. I could barely STAND looking at tis LAZ-Y-BOY recliner look!

  2. Didn’t David Bowie and Elton John had getups back in the days when they were singing? Everybody has to have some getup

  3. Why is this no-talent horseface still being talked about? Is someone goona break someone’s kneecaps if she doesn’t get famous? ‘Cause there’s no logical reason to promote her so someone’s gotta be being threatened or bribed!

  4. I like some of her songs. She has some great hooks. While some of her shows are really far out they sure get attention. Talented fame whore.

  5. I think Lady Gaga is a fairly young woman, in her 20s but her boobs sure are saggy.

  6. She looks like one of the props from Peewee’ s Playhouse for god’s sake!
    Hey Janet remember me – of Virginia’s? (junk emporium) I live in the south of France now. Love to see that you’re still at the biz. V

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