It’s a frightening prospect, but Kylie Jenner caused a mob scene at the Topanga Mall today when she opened her pop-up store selling Lip-Kits and a few garments. The crowd started lining up at 9 PM last night and some came from as far as New Jersey. That’s what happens when you have 80 million Instagram followers. Kylie, 19, is now out-earning the rest of her Kardashian family members – she pulled in 18 million this year! The shop will stay open until December 23 or until the merchandise sells out.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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  1. Well good for her. Hard working young lady climbing the ladder to success. Not sitting around the front stoop collecting welfare. We have Trump on the way to the White House, strong leadership in his cabinet, hardworking role models like Kylie. America and its values are coming back strong. It’s a new day. USA.

  2. Only ignorant dumb ass folks like Crystal think Welfare is the main issue facing this country. What exactly is Trump and his cronies going to do to better YOUR life? Zilch! It isnt the Govts job to do anything for YOU. Do it yourself you POS.#Trumpsucks

  3. Did she leave her butt in another pair of pants? How many of these people were paid by Pimp Granny to show up and form an orderly queue?

  4. Well, it’s nice that the mentally challenged can make a good living in America.

  5. This girl looks like planet of the apes when she’s not controlling the image. She’s still ugly.

  6. Janet, like the news outlets who gave coverage to the orange anal residue Drumpf, you are enabling the dumbing down of the US by covering the Kardashians.

  7. She is smart, in that she is smart-ER than the dumb bricks lining up to get her overpriced junk. You can get it all cheaper and better at local shops and drug stores, and with not all the hassle. Folks, that is America and sad to say it.

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