It’s not clear whether NBA star Kris Humphries a real mama’s boy or just a considerate son, but rumor has it he has moved his mother Debra into his New York bachelor pad. Debra filed for divorce from his father William after 30 years of marriage in July, and when it became final, she quietly moved into Kris’s apartment, according to our pal CJ at the Minneapolis StarTribune. Certainly, he enjoys being pampered by his mom, but how will she react when he brings girlfriends home? Or better yet, how will the girlfriends react? Judging from the female problems Kris has been having since HIS divorce (including one false pregnancy) maybe he could USE his mother’s advice… (Above, Kris and Debra on Good Morning America)



  1. It could be temporary until she finds her “feet”; his place could be huge; he still has a big old house in Minnesota or wherever it was. They always try and paint him as the bad guy but I’ll take him over any Kardashian any day of the week, he seems decent.

  2. I kind of feel sorry for him since he’s young & was in a Kardashian coma. Hopefully some motherly love & good advice will lead to a happier future.

  3. He needs to be de-programmed for quite a while, as the aroma of Kardashian is so powerful that it might be still lingering.

  4. GMA has an Xmas tree up already? They must like to start the Depression season early.

  5. Chris is obviously not the brightest guy but at least he treats his mom well. He’s a cabbage when it comes to women.

  6. you mean naive?

  7. ummm since his divorce? When did he get divorced? And there was no pregnancy scare that was a setup and nothing more. Girl made money from mama Jenner for saying that b.s. He is a good son for treating his mother so well, but he is from Minnesota and he was raised with some values unlike the Kardashian band of gypsies that he was briefly and unfortunately involved with. He is a far better person than that tramp and slut Kim Kartrashian.

  8. It takes two to tango. There is OBVIOUSLY something wrong with him to get involved with someone like KK. Any person in their right mind would not go near her! Let alone allow themselves to be filmed. It was obvious they were never in love from their interactions so he is just as bad as her regarding their sham relationship. It didn’t speak very well for his family that they went along with it too.

  9. Let’s just say Kris took a temporary wrong turn in his life. And now he is getting on the right track. And good for him that he is helping his mother out.

  10. Good luck to mom BUT since she has years of experience w/ BLACK men, did she move to NY in order to be able to “date” Kris’s NBA colleagues or what is the reason? NYC is very far from St Paul in many ways.

    Hope she doesn’t take a wrong turn.

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