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Kirstie Alley is obsessed with winning “Dancing With The Stars” this time around and she’s taking it very seriously. Not only is she rehearsing endlessly and actually watching what she eats, but she had a very important request for the wardrobe department. She asked for customized heavy-duty Spanx that won’t show under her dance costumes no matter how high she kicks. Kirstie is still pushing her Scientology backed Organic Liaison diet products and she can’t afford to look chubby or people might think it doesn’t work….


  1. …………she finally abandoned the scientology-movement.

  2. Well…if the Scientology diet works, why does she neet heavy duty Spanx??? Face it, Kirstie, nothing good can come from that cult. Get out and find God while you still can.

  3. people already know…she is being sued for her products..

    ingredients were looked at and nothing in it is going to help you lose weight

  4. Organic Liaison diet doesn’t work and the products are not selling. So, she had to go back to dwts to lose anything or the company goes bust. Travolta can’t even help her!

  5. Glad she has managed to still keep most of her weight off. I’m not a fan but this woman is certainly tough and determined. I wish her good health and hope she leaves the cult.

  6. i could give a RATS ASS WHAT “Religion” ANYONE choose to be in….it’s none of my concern or BIZ and as far as her being fat
    get real
    when anyone gets as obese as she did there are so many other psychological factors working that are the cause it is beyond difficult.. let’s be real…NO woman sits around her house stuffing her face saying, “OH! YUM!! I’ve eaten so much I could puke, but I”m gonna keep at it because I wanna be as fat and unattractive as possible… and man, I wanna keep all the nasty shitty comments coming as well, because it makes me feel so much better as well”

    Goes without saying AGE is not our friend is an understatement too….I was known as The Body for the majority of my life…I was naturally slender and looked incredible…. at my age now, surviving cancer, metab. shot to shit, being less active, I have gained weight. I beat the shit out of myself for years hating my body. It was hell….now I accept it and love my body again…. I am not obese but could still stand to lose 20-30 pounds. I will never have my 22, 37, 45 or 50 year old body back again….and that is fine. Shit happens. The chances of me looking like i did at 25 are the same as my hair UN-Graying all of a sudden.
    A waist is a terrible thing to mind….

  7. Kirstie – stick to acting – and NOT trying to push diet products that you have no clue about. You only lose weight when you go on DWTS – and so does everyone else. You don’t lose weight being on your own so-called “diet”. Just stop eating so much.

  8. The same Spanx supplier for Kirstie also supplies Oprah. All Spanx does is squish the fat around and mashes in your internal organs. I would never wear one, in fact don’t know what a spanx looks like.

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