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After declaring her unrequited love for John Travolta, Kirstie Alley continued her romanticized walk down memory lane by announcing that she and Patrick Swayze “fell in love” while filming “North and South” in 1985. This will be big news to Patrick’s faithful wife of 34 years, Lisa Niemi, who buried her husband three years ago, and maybe to Kirstie’s then-husband Parker Stevenson. Granted, while Kirstie dredged up this supposed romance, she insists they never had sex and therefore didn’t really cheat. (She admits she propositioned him one night and he turned her down.) Lisa Niemi has been friends with Kirstie for years and invited her to speak at Patrick’s funeral. This cannot make HER feel good. Kirstie should think about the consequences before she brags about her past liaisons.


  1. She should zip her big fat mouth. All she did is hurt Lisa’s feelings. Idiot.

  2. I think Kirstie needs an adjustment on her meds. Oh wait, Scientologists don’t believe in psych meds. Too bad.

  3. She is one drugged out, psycho scientologist. I guess the cult isn’t very effective at weight control, is it?! This look was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight and they’re dragging it out all week this week. She talked about doing huge amounts of cocaine over and over and taking her pulse, waiting to die! She was also doing it while reading the cult “bible” “Dianetics” by their cult leader. She decided to drive to LA, I guess to join up with them. She said it took her 26 DAYS to make an 18 hour drive, due to having to scrounge up cocaine along the way! I’ve always thought she’s a lunatic, now I know she is stark, raving mad.

  4. I think it was extremely tacky for her to mention anything about a supposed flirtation with Patrick because he isn’t here to confirm or deny it. Not to mention how it would make Lisa Niemi feel. Kirstie is desperately trying to keep herself in the spotlight, and I think she’d say most anything to stay there.

  5. I meant to say she’s a loon. Anyway, I always thought she was weird and crazy from the beginning and she confirmed it many years ago when she got an Emmy or something and said she wanted to thank her then husband for 10 years (or whatever) of giving her “the big one”! Unbelievable!

  6. i wonder if she told lisa what she was going to say before the book was published.

    the practice of posting extremely unflattering photos of people to accompany a negative story is ridiculous.

  7. When I think of all the flirtations/affairs that go on in a workplace, I imagine that it is 100-fold for movie sets. Good looking people away from home–what do you expect? Hugely successful people at the peak of their fame with not so successful spouses–what do you expect?

    Patrick seemed like a nice guy but his marriage wasn’t perfect. He had problems with alcohol and Lisa separated from him for a time or two.

    The book is about men in her life; if she had released it 10 or 15 years ago, it would have seemed interesting. To release it at the age of 61 seems kind of tacky and grubby and self-serving.

  8. I knew Patrick and Lisa, and Believe me she wasn’t the nicest wife to Patrick at all, the fights they had were HUGE. She didn’t even wait for his body to turn cold yet before she was selling off his things, which she soon will be posting more of on ebay SOON! HURT HER FEELINGS INDEED, The woman has no feelings, ask her about her kicking his mom out of the house he bought her after he died! Right on Kristie he should have taken you up on it!

  9. @palermo, as Miz Busybody says, she’s promoting a book.
    @tony, if you’re not lying, that is some very interesting dish.

  10. Well that’s her side of the tale since the dead can’t talk. I agree with most of the posters, if you’re gonna open you’re mouth, think twice or stick a Twinkie in it.

  11. and you know what, none of you live in Glass Houses, what makes you better than her to talk about her weight, How absolutely childish, Do you teach your kids to bully that way too?? You’re adults for God Sake. The story line is how she opened her mouth and said something, not how Fat she is.

  12. She is desperate for attemtion. If we just ignored her, she might go away!

  13. If a couple is together for 34 years it’s because they match up perfectly or imperfectly and it suits them fine.
    Whatever about Kirstie, she remains unforgettably funny as Rebecca on “Cheers.”

  14. Miz BusyBody, everything you say is right, except the last point. When you’re 61, it’s time for a memoir. If she were younger, she’d be too young. None of those characters were/are perfect, and the timing for a book is perfect. In a few years, no one will care.

    Depomaha, they are ALL desperate for attention.

  15. I don’t get these celebrity reveal-alls. Better to keep mouth shut. Was all this to declare Travolta straight? By the way, no one believes it anymore. And, if he is gay, who cares.

  16. Does she imagine that people care who the heck she slept with or didn’t sleep with????
    These celebrities crack me up.
    Shut up!!!!! Do what you do best and go about your business. You are only and actress. Your good but you not more important than any of us including our pets.

  17. Turn Joan Jett, Hillary Clinton, Sam Ronson, or Jenney Shimizu loose on K and she will change her story!

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