20070208-Kirscut_Alley_Fat2.jpgKirstie Alley is sick and tired of biting into a piece of fried chicken only to see photographers snapping her thru the window at KFC. Her weight battles and ups and downs are a constant source of speculation on gossip websites like this. Because of her ties with Jenny Craig, Kirstie can get no peace when it comes to eating. So she’s been telling friends that she’s packing up and moving back to Witchita, Kansas, where she grew up. She’s found a house there and she’s looking for people to help her move. We’re just afraid that if there’s no one around to take pictures of her at Taco Bell, she might get as big as a midwestern house.



  1. hmm
    if a picture of kirstey alley was taken of her walking through a crowd in a shopping mall, she would probably look more normal.
    what really sickens me about kirstey all is her connections to the $cientology cult and kissing Oprah’s ass and the annoying jenny craig commercials.
    there’s nothing wrong with kansas. i just dont think that kirstie alley could stand not being the center of attention.

  2. Woah….. She is FAT! What a liar. She didn’t lose any weight. Fat pig.


  4. what is her real (birth) name?
    id like to see a long list of the real names of relatively current celebs.

  5. if oprah weren’t so repulsed by white people, kirstie and her would make a good couple.

  6. that is a picture of kirstie ordering a few pizzas becasue the jenny craig prepackaged food tastes like ass.

  7. Rosie was right… Kirstie did lie about her weight on Oprah. And those commercials are annoying. Notice the camera angle, they never show her from behind.

  8. FAT & WEIGHT SUCKS! I struggle with 10 pounds on and off all the time. I hate her giddy JC commercials where she talks about cheesecake and linguini like some sophmoric “feel good” fat chick.

  9. She was much heavier. It’s very difficult to lose weight. And even harder to keep it off.
    –Last year I lost 39 pounds. I have gained back about 8.
    I am trying really hard to regain the momentum I had all last year, and continue losing weight.
    I wish Kirstie luck in her weight-loss efforts.

  10. Who the f*ck cares?! Leave her alone… lord, this is all you have to focus on? Some woman who is trying to lose weight who is tired of all the comments on what she is eating?? What a shocker!! Not every woman is a size 0… not every woman looks as “healthy” has Nicole Ritchie!

  11. look. kristie INSPIRED MILLIONS to go on jenny craig! including myself. a diet is not a cure for an eating disorder. emotional problems can not be cured overnite.
    emotional problems can not be cured with food. unfortch..

  12. I think it’s hilarious how fat women always want to “celebrate” their big size. You know they’re all secretly DESPERATE to be slender. Fat folks are not only unattractive, they’re killing themselves.

  13. I have seen so few, and no celebs who got paid big bucks to lose weight be able to keep it off…the problem is not that Kristie is hefty…it is the story that she and others got paid the bucks to throw a scam on so many gullible people. Kristie just needs someone i her life to keep her occupied and not thinking about food….she needs a good pounding every night and not the kind Oprah and Whitney are giving each other!


  15. Anybody got a photo of her mother? All that weight gain is in her genes tied to her family tree.
    Jimmy the Greek was right, when he pointed out about how the slaves were bred for a stronger physical body…
    Isn’t that why people buy registered dogs so as to ensure they have solid breeds.

  16. You wanna lose some weight, get yourself a bicycle and start riding it everywhere you go. Add a water bottle.
    Eat like the Chinese. Aren’t they kinda slim ?

  17. She must do alot of sitting down, look at that huge rear end.
    How do you shrink those things down – with exercise naturally!

  18. Oh come on. She is NOT that fat in this pic. Just showing some misproportion from the waist down, nothing that some dedicated powerwalking up long, steep hills wouldn’t fix. I think she looks great. This is the way black men like their women to look. AND she is over fifty years old and looking great!

  19. Excuse me 6:21 am. She is not fat she’s f…… obese. You’re probably a fat cow yourself in denial. Please do not speak for all black men. I’m a black man and I could say I don’t like women with big asses. I like them skinny with big titties!

  20. kirstie is pregnant with aliens.
    see, when xenu cured overpopulation in outer space by sending the aliens down to earth where they were blown up with hydrogen bombs in volcanoes, the souls float about like poltergeists trying to hover in bodies. this is her religion.
    now that kirstie has paid $cientology hundreds of thousands of dollars, she now gets to call herself a Thetan.
    its not jenny craig’s fault. (lol)
    kirstie is pregnant with the alien spawn of xenu.

  21. think she looks great ,beautiful woman for in her old 50’s,do you wish you could look like that?of course you jealous people

  22. think she looks great ,beautiful woman for in her old 50’s,do you wish you could look like that?of course you jealous people white is pretty,black is yuck

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