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This picture of Kim Kardashian at Koi is noteworthy for two reasons. (Her sex video is not one of them.) First – we’re fascinated not by the light in her eyes, but by the way something in her mouth is reflecting the camera flash. Second – we’re struck by her strong resemblance to a young Cher.

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  1. How could the light flash in her mouth? That’s a glowstick

  2. Glow stick?? Thats residue from her date 5 mins ago

  3. Cher at 60 looks much better than this std dish does in her 20″s

  4. My Dears.In my days a true Lady would not be opening her legs for every Tom,Dick and Tyronne.This “woman” needs a bar of soap and Charm School A.S.A.P..Vermon like this should be forced to wear a red S on their sweaters.And that stands for S.T.D.

  5. Just gotta tell you Uola Gabor. You are too funny, and right! You should have your own website. I would visit everyday.

  6. She’s a common low class whore.
    Janet I luv ya momz but really …. quit insulting the great Cher!!

  7. Uh-oh She’s sucking on a quarter again and in big trouble now for not giving her man a share.. and she looks nothing like Cher but a sleazy hooker.

  8. I got her sex dvd. Girlfriend doesn’t know how to do it very well. Boring.

  9. Cher was and is much more unique looking as well as thin and tall and talented!This broad and I mean that in the worst way. Is a famous for nothing, talentless skank.

  10. I’m a fan, Janet. But you are wrong on this one. Kim Crotchcooties is not worthy to even breathe the same air as the beautiful, talented Cher.

  11. NOBODY CARES! Why do you waste your time on filth? Is Hollywood really that slow? WTF??

  12. Gabor sounds like a old gay drag queen.
    Kim is fun, and that’s def a glowstick in her mouth
    Love you Janet, but not sure about the Cher thing….Cher didn’t have her current nose till maybe 12 years ago. Her nose has gone through alot of changes!

  13. You’re really grasping at straws trying to make some kind of connection between Cher and this nobody. Is this the best you can do?

  14. No one knows whoKim is, but I shared a elevator ride with Cher last year and asked her about some fab jeans she was wearing and she said a friend made them. Do they look alike
    ? noooooooooo. Kim’s pretty. Cher’s interesting looking and atill’s got it at her age!

  15. Is he under the catagory of SLUTS R US with Paris Hilton?

  16. she’s a gum chewer- that might be a piece of gum.,
    people on other blogs were laughing about kk chewing gum during her sex scenes with her ex-boyfriend.
    it was very stupid of this girl to allow herself to be taped having sex.

  17. glowing gum must really be in hollywood! a new fad i guess?

  18. My Dears.An old drag queen? Even if I was”which Im not” I would still be a better breed of person than this low life barefoot crab crotch scag.I”m a TRUE lady one with class and breeding.And in my day we knew how to dress and we would never do anything as vulgar as a tacky little sex tape for cash.Kim is nothing but a common whore and should be run out of town by the town idiot.Hey 12.52 am.I just found a job for you.

  19. I’m sorry, but some of you are seriously mentally handicapped (Janet included) if you think that’s a camera flash.
    It’s clearly a glow stick or a glowing tongue stud.

  20. she got her tongue pierced with bling bling jewerly and it glows when photographed. a new hollywood fad.

  21. hahahahhaha, DRAG QUEEN GABOR has got his old granny panties in a bunch.

  22. what a weird woman she’s not from earth that’s her transmitter telling her planet how stupid we are”””””””””””””

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