We’re hearing a persistant rumor that the sex tape of Ray J and Kim Kardashian DOES exist and will soon be on the market . Of course, the former lovers will blame a third party for releasing it , but actually THEY did it and will be sharing the profits. Apparently Paris Hilton is to blame for this brainstorm. She raved to her friend Kim about how much money she made from HER tape (remember she blamed someone else also) and advised Kim on exactly HOW to do it. Naturally, a big publicity build-up is important and heated denials before release inceases interest and demand. Ray and Kim are anticipating that their bedroom antics will make them rich – we wonder if they’re well known enough to pull in the big bucks.

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  1. Disgusting.
    Are you 100% certain Janet?
    Ray J and Kim aren’t exactly broke, yet I know they’re not muti-billonaires.
    I would think Paris and Kim would be embarassed, not trying to flaunt their whoreness. It just seems like it would taint their image, not help it.
    I suppose why we call this town Hollywierd

  2. Who on earth are these 2 morons texting? I hope its the free clinic for booster shots……Oh No!

  3. Who on earth are these 2 morons texting? I hope its the free clinic for booster shots……Oh No!

  4. Who on earth are these 2 morons texting? I hope its the free clinic for booster shots……Oh No!

  5. Who are they anyway? Kardashian’s dad was famous from the OJ time, so why would anyone be interested in two amateurs on film?

  6. It’s a good thing her dad is dead because he probably would have beat her ass. Never knew those Iraqi girls were such sluts, hmmm, so much for that religion that produces so many zealots, eh.

  7. I wonder what Kim looked like before her nose job, lip collagen and boob job?
    Paris too *except the boob job* All these stupid girls are starting to look exactly alike.

  8. Ray J is a sorry excuse for a loser of a man. He lives off his sister, and for his sake, he better sell lots of Videos, cuz Brandy won’t be a cash cow for too much longer.

  9. kim kardashian is half armenian.
    her father, robert kardashian was a really sleazy lawyer (wiki his name and youll see a few things he is known for) he died in 2003.
    her mother was bruce jenner’s first wife. (bruce jenner dumped her after he won the gold medal in the olympics and eventually married the whore he was having an affair with…thats the mom of brody jenner and those boys.)
    her father used to snort coke and play gold with oj simpson. when simpson went to trial, kardashian renewed his law license so that he could help defend oj.

  10. alrighty, now i’m wondering about paris’ immediate family. if her parents are so famous wealthy and powerful, how come they stay so silent. wtf is really going on there.
    i smell a rotten fish somewhere.

  11. why do these dumb sluts take advice from paris??
    i read that paris is the one who encouraged kim kardashian to release the sex tape. that she like paris would outwardly deny and feign embarassment, but really whats going on is that a scumbag like joe francis is preparing to release the tape, make lots of money and share a little of the profits with kim. just like paris got paid for her tape.
    paris is also the one who told britney to flash her cooter.
    every “friend” that paris has had has gone into the gutter.
    girls need to smarten up and stay the hell away from her skanky ass. she must get some twisted pleasure from humiliating others as she may have been humiliated.
    paris’ parents need to send her to the hilton timbuktu and have her scrub toilets and learn some humility.

  12. It’s a good thing none of these people ever had to work to earn a living – they’d be in homeless shelters. Not a brain among them!

  13. about the kardashian family….
    now that i think about it, her mother must have divorced robert kardashian and then married bruce jenner. i guess that makes the jenner boys her half brothers???? does anybody know?
    kims late father the sleazy lawyer was also involved in prostitution and drug trafficing.

  14. Kim is an extremely HAIRY girl. Disturbingly hairy. I sure hoped she had her back, thighs, and belly waxed prior to making this video.

  15. Kim Kardashian is known for what?
    This goes to show that anyone can be famous for no talets.

  16. 1) to the moron who called Robert Kardashian a sleazy lawyer: you’re just an idiot to make generalizations like that. first of all, he was only reinstated as a lawyer so he could be absolved from having to testify. He was a great person and you should not speak ill of the dead.
    2) to the double-moron who said it’s good her father is dead – – you, too should not speak ill of the dead – – that’s a terrible thing to say. And they are not Iraqi, they are Armenian, but I’m sure an intellect like you must know there is a huge difference. Armenians are Christians.

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