That whole episode with Kim Kardashian’s white kitten has left a bad taste in our mouths – and we pretty much saw it coming. Kim has never liked animals and considers them “dirty” so why did her boyfriend Kanye West give her a pet in the first place? And WORST OF ALL, Kanye heartlessly ignored all the beautiful doomed cats and kittens available in shelters, and instead chose to BUY one from a “breeder.” That kind of ignorance is hard to forgive in a celebrity. The first time Kim held the kitten she was very uncomfortable and asked her sister Khloe to carry it. Then all of a sudden, after excessively using it as a prop on her TV show, Kim realized she was “allergic” to the kitten and ended up giving it to Khloe’s assistant. The four month old kitten just died from a virus associated with breeding and of course, Kim is weeping crocodile tears. Can these people do nothing right?

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  1. She can’t even get her nips and tucks and nose job right! I mean really,she is looking like a generic plastic junkie! She seems to be trying to erase the Armenian features,but loves that Armenian name! Next she will have a even a shorter nose and go by Kim Dash! ha ha ha

  2. I’m surprised the poor thing lasted 4 months. At the very least, ole Kanye should report the breeder so it can be inspected.

  3. the way a person treats a pet is an indication of how they would treat a child…hope she doesn’t breed.

    that poor kitten, he should not havegotten her 1 in the first place and certainly not from a breeder.

  4. Old news but there is no white woman who has disgraced the race so badly as KK by receiving as much BLACK meat! Major trash!

  5. I never saw a photo that looked like she could even stand the cat, much less love it. I think the whole thing was another ploy by Pimp Mama to make Kim seem “likable”. On the show we saw she hated animals. She only loves herself, preening and posing every waking moment. I never liked her but I really loathe her now. For all we know she forgot to feed her like the idiot Paris Hilton used to do with her dogs.

  6. Cat got feline leukemia, It happens all the time since the virus is very contagious, stop already. Als so what if she buys from a breeder, there’s nothing wrong with that; now you want to take food out of their mouths too, seriously?

    Oh I forgot, in Hollywood animals rank higher then people.

  7. Whatever happened to her pet Chimpanzee? I am so sick of the Kardashians. I hope their 15 minutes of fame ends in 2013

  8. If the kitten got feline leukemia that means SOMEONE couldn’t be bothered to take the kitty to the vet for its shots. Shame on them.

  9. Poor little fashion accessory, never had a chance in the clutches of Kim.

  10. Kim is a selfish publicity whore. When will this family go away?

  11. I bet the ignorant bitch didn’t give the poor little thing it’s shots on time. The dumbass bitch doesn’t even know how to hold a kitten the right way. She was probably hurting her in this picture. I really hate the bitch now!

  12. Poor Serena, always quick to enable the scum:

    As for the thread, Let me repeat:

    Old news but there is no white woman who has disgraced the race so badly as KK by sampling as much BLACK meat! Major trash!

    I give her mother credit for scoring big $$$ from foolish buyers of fame but not in teaching her daughters class and respectability.

    Will it soon come out that Khloe is OJ’s child? That would explain much.

  13. Does the words: spay..and..neuter…mean anything? And that would be great if this could be imposed upon the ignorant and self-absorbed trash called Kim and Kanye. Please don’t bring any kids into this world; they would be neglected just like the animals.

  14. I disike the useless Kim Kardashian more every time I read something about her. Publicity (and every other kind) whore would use a booger for a photo op. She wishes she could be as wonderful as an innocent pet. The fact that Kanye went to a breeder shows his heartlessness too. These two egotistical piles of trash completely deserve each other.

  15. She is a f**king no good, talent less, ugly, fat , whore. The whole f**king family is disgusting!

  16. strom, it’s not about the posters (as you say) but you keep on with your personal agenda, making it all about you.

    stop being a hypocrite

  17. your posts are obvious, clear, irrefutable, continuous examples of it, you dummy.

  18. Why don’t this useless clan off themselves. No one likes or cares about them. Please, GO AWAY!!!!

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