It will be interesting to see how Kid Rock’s Bad Reputation tour 2022 pans out since he announced that he won’t perform at any venues that require vaccinations or masks. His tour starts April 6 and runs to June 15. He assured fans that they will get refunds if the venues still have Covid mandates by the dates of his scheduled concerts. He’s making a big deal out of his macho anti-vax posturing, but if the rest of us are careful, Covid might have subsided and mandates be dropped by his start date- or he will lose a lot of money. Uncooperative Buffalo and Toronto already backed OFF the tour list and most of Rock’s concerts are in small towns in the South and Midwest, so he might get lucky. But he’s still obnoxious.

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  1. Who would pay money to see kid rock and catch covid because he’s an idiot?

  2. Kid Rock is free to do what he wants. I am totally for that kind of freedom. Once you lose your freedoms, they don’t come back. Biden is a total failure so I think Kid and Trump have plenty of reasons to smile.

  3. Kid Rock? Doesn’t compare to Alec Baldwin or Kathy Griffin or Robert Denero for violence or threats or even Adele, who just royally screwed her fans with little thought. Many artists are also choosing places that don’t require Covid vaccines. That way, anyone who wants can have a vaccine and wear a mask and those that don’t want to can still attend.

  4. The great majority of people that can get the Chinese flu, Emmy, don’t get hospitalized. You just reek of hate. Sucks to be you.

  5. Light Brigade you mada claim with out any actual numbers to back it up…Here ARE MINE in 1 month 107,000 hospitalized with covid less than 1200 fully vaxxed same month 18,000 died from covid around 140 FULLY VAXXED,,,,,so unvaxxed ((% you are wrong.

    there have been some breakthough with the vaxxed but it was 1 per cent…now with the omicron it has gone up a little more…The less people vaxxed the more vatiants we get..we want to be down with this

  6. John Hopkins study says lockdowns made no difference in hospitalizations.

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