Our colleague in gossip, CJ, reporter for the Star Tribune, had an encounter at Comic Con Minnesota with former Hercules Kevin Sorbo. In fact ,we have often wondered what happened to that star of the popular 90’s TV series. Sorbo was a hot commodity at the convention, raking in big bucks – $40 for an autograph and $45 for a photo. But he laments the fact that he is NOT in demand in Hollywood and claims it’s his Christianity that makes him unpopular there. (He does lots of B movies, but not in Hollywood.) Whether it’s atheists or people of other religious persuasions who blackballed him he doesn’t specify – but it’s not cool to be Christian in Hollywood, according to Hercules. Click HERE to see CJ’s video.
Photo: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

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  1. ha, being Kevin Sorbo, is what costs him the jobs, he’s ridiculous

  2. leave him alone, he’s a gifted, gifted actor, fighting against the rainbow agenda of pink unicorn pony island anal love

  3. If this is true then keep such details of your life quiet in your professional life. It’s not hard. Gay or christian it doesn’t matter. Not everyone needs to be a witness to absolutely every part of your life.

    He certainly is not the only christian in the entertainment business. He obviously pushed his religion into the wrong faces and they shoved back.

  4. Poor little imposter…so jealous of Strom!

    Maybe Kevin is just looking to throw the blame somewhere else!

  5. Hercules was my FAVORITE show on tv, followed by Xena, Warrior Princess.

  6. I’d say it’s going to get a lot tougher for christians in Hollywood now that one of their poster boys, Josh Duggar, is an admitted incestuous pedophile.

  7. Oh now we have multiple Strom imposters….so envious! JCH should take you all out and give you the spanking you seek!

  8. It’s taken you THIS long to figure out there are multiple imposters?!
    Kind of slow on the uptake, aren’t you?

  9. K.S. If you’re truly a Christian as you say you are, it will not matter what Hollywood thinks of you.

  10. strom is still a cowardly, dull witted, pathologically insecure dick

  11. Yeah kevin you just keep telling yourself that’s the reason and not because you suck

  12. Sorbo is also a nasty right wing blogger, which i only know necause someone reposted something from his blog on my facebook page. Nothing on there about being Christian, believe me. Mostly about how lazy poor people are and how black people are always on welfare. But all with a nasty edge. Perhaps that is why he cant get work.

  13. Sorbo was blacklisted over his behavior. He was notoriously difficult to work with and that continued during his tenure on Andromeda. He didn’t get along with certain cast members reportedly. Many people working in Hollywood are not straight white males. You can pretty much figure out the rest for yourself. Ego, intolerance, anger, resentment, if an actor is not careful he will fall into those traps. It is not what a person believes, but how he chooses to conduct his affairs that will get him blacklisted. Mel Gibson didn’t change his convictions in his early life, and he was in tons of films……….until……wait for it, he became unhinged and started openly denigrating others. Gibson seriously had mental illness problems, uncontrollable anger and destructive personality problems along with overt racism and sexism. He became a legal liability which is not good for a career. He seems to have owned up to it however and tried to make amends

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