While Britney’s twisting in rehab, Kevin Federline has procured himself an ambitious manager and he’s got the makings of a CAREER going! He gets paid for hosting parties in Las Vegas (like the one above) but, according to a friend, “what he really wants is to be a movie star. Kevin doesn’t want to be so involved in the club scene any more. He’s getting movie auditions and offers, and he already turned DOWN a reality show.” (Dancing with the Stars, perhaps?) It’s rumored that he might make a surprise appearance on The Sopranos. We were amused to see that Kev shaved his head – now the whole family is bald.


  1. And we all thought HE was the loser in that trainwreck of a marriage.

  2. Great, the “Kevin is so great” keeps on going. Does anyone think that it is dangerous to have his kids staying at Shar Jackson’s house. Also, why is he dumping the kids on the bitter ex-girlfriend. Lynne Spears needs to get custody immediately. Of course, keep Britney away from those kids for about 6 months but you are asking for something to happen to those kids staying with Shar. Kevin is still the neglectful father. He left his first two kids to go on tour with Britney and now, he is leaving his two other kids with the bitter ex-girlfriend. They were never married even though Shar says that they were. Give me a break. But, if he get work, then stay away from Britney’s money. He wasn’t the one shaking his body to sell 70 million records.

  3. It’s my understanding that the kids were in Las Vegas with Kfed and while he was out and about they were safe with the nanny in the hotel room. Now I’m not saying that it’s a good thing to bring your kids to Vegas, but if the story is true that they were with the nanny, then they were in good hands.

  4. He used BS as a stepping stone like what Tom Arnold did with Roseanne but in the end true talent will win out.

  5. Since when is Shar Jackson bitter about not being with Federline? That’s the first I heard of this. As far as I know, she’s moved on with her life and she’s a mother, I think it’s kind or irresponsible to assume she would hurt anyones children because of something that dumb ass did.

  6. Bill Maher quote on B.S. and her shaved head:
    “Well, we now know the ‘carpet matches the drapes.'”

  7. Britney has no talent to fall back on.Shes allways been Hair,t*ts and azz.Now that shes fat and bald what do you do with her? Not like you can get her on stage with a guitar and have her sing.Who would have thought Kevin would be the sane one?

  8. Sounds like he is a responsible grownup. Too bad Brittney can’t accomplish the same thing. The kids are better off with him. He seems to be stepping up to the plate. Kudos.

  9. Yeah Kevin!….
    After all the media has put him through…he keeps on keepin’ on as an artist and a parent….and we are all going to see Kevin Federline shine even brighter one day…as an artist…and as a parent. Make us proud, Kevin!

  10. Yeah Kevin!
    After all the media has put him through, Kevin Federline continues to keep on keepin’ on, both as an artist and as a parent. We are all going to see him shine even brighter in the future as an artist as well as a parent.
    Make us proud, Kevin!!

  11. Nope. Sisters before Misters up in here, ho’s before bro’s.
    Team Brit-Brit!!!

  12. lose the earrings and ghetto fabulous jewelry, the retarded trucker basebal cap, and the pants that hang off of yer ass. lose the pimp daddy glack ghetto slang. freaking clean up.

  13. RuPaul has nailed it. You’re acting like a man – now look like one!

  14. He is the hardest working No Talent in history, I wish him well, I think he is trying to step it up and do the right thing. Hope he makes it as an actor, and forget about rapping

  15. I don’t think Shar is bitter. And Lynn Spears, Brits Mother was with Kevin in Vegas.

  16. I think he’s being genuine and trying and because they have kids, I hope they can work things out and people will leave them alone so neither ends up in rehab.

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