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Last night Kelly Osbourne left Hyde with a guy – they look kinda chummy in this picture. We can’t keep our eyes off Kelly’s feet – it’s not the shoes – it’s the skulls she has tattooed on each foot. How long will THAT novelty last? We predict a visit to Dr Tatoff within a year.

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  1. Usually I like her style this outfit is ehhhh. Tatts are so ovah.

  2. Um, she’s had these tattoos for years. I’ve seen them in pictures for a long time now.

  3. Tats can be beautiful, unfortch, her’s are not. She has a very bizarre keyboard-like tat on her arm. Very strange.

  4. My Dears.In my day a TRUE lady would never have left her home looking like a common lumber jack lesbian.I have to wonder where her parents are and why they let this happin.If I only had her address I would gladly send over a bar of soap and diet pills for this sad little troll looking person.

  5. How come kelly ( who supposdly uses drugs) isn’t as thin as the rest of the hollywood ho’s. She must smoke pot and get the munchies instead of using what the rest of them use !! she needs to lose weight !!!

  6. That belly must be holding more than fat at the moment, probably got one on the way.
    Look at the expression the guy face, has that british look to him. I’ve seen white trash first hand, as I do live in the sticks. But, if that’s Hollywood chic, I’m not buying that.
    What that guy needs to grow is a goat-tee, and look like a rebel.
    You know what’s really scary, wonder what the baby is going to look like? A skinny Ozzie.

  7. Heck, all she needs is a make over and a new style.
    Lets wait to hear if she’s going to have a baby first. As the style she has now is actually idea for baby deliveries.
    Gosh, imagine if she’s having twins, two skinny Ozzies.

  8. she has a bunch of of them is some kind of “I love Daddy” piece on her arm.
    she looks pretty good compared to her parents… her mother used to be rather overweight and has been very open about how many surgeries she has had and plans to have.
    in general, trench coats are kinda unflattering unless you are a twig.
    i saw some crusty old osbournes bobbleheads at some bargain store…zzzzzzzzz

  9. see my tatoos aren”t they pretty!!!!!!! ugh what a human being

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