Kanye West,45, may be ACTING surprised as paparazzi shoot him at E. Baldi restaurant but he knew darn well they’d be there – that why he took his new girlfriend Juliana Nalu, 24, to the celebrity hangout for dinner. He wants to make sure that his ex Kim gets a good look at Juliana and HOPES she will feel pangs of jealousy. (Doubt it) Clearly he’s found another ambitious beauty who will let him dress her – right down to the big clunky boots- and flaunt her, and maybe make her famous. Surely Kim has had enough of this…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

2 thoughts on “KANYE’S MESSAGE TO KIM:

  1. At least the big company labels are dropping him like flies. They have finally figured out what a liability he is. Couldn’t believe it took them so long.

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