Kanye West made a fool of himself again Saturday night at Common’s benefit concert at The Palladium in Hollywood. Here’s the story: Kanye arrived minutes before he was set to go onstage as the last act of a star-studded charity show. Besides Common, Nas, Ludacris, Mos Def, De La Soul, Heavy D, Queen Latifah, and other acts had delighted the crowd. They were all relaxing in the green room when Kanye walked in and noticed a guy eating chicken. He took offense and blurted petulantly “Why wasn’t I offered chicken? It’s NOT FAIR– you want me to perform for free – everyone is eating – WHY AM I NOT EATING!” A waiter apologized and pointed out “You didn’t ask for chicken!” Well, I’m ASKING NOW!! Other celebrities watched Kanye’s loud chicken tantrum in total shock. His girlfriend Amber Rose just stepped back and let him rant. The waiter rushed him a plate of chicken and Kanye literally took ONE bite and dumped it before he grabbed the mic and went onstage, leaving everyone shaking their heads.


  1. I don’t know why but, every time I see this Amber Rose (stripper name has to go) I always have Grace Jone pop into my head..She’s like a white Grace Jones but one has more class.

    I’m just saying.

  2. He’s a colossal asshole and she looks like a grown “Children of the Corn” zombie!

    PS…I wouldn’t walk across the street to see/hear him for FREE! (Unless it was to throw rocks at his ugly head)!

  3. God I hate Kanye West. I’ve tossed all my CDs and will never spend another cent on this maniac. I even doubt that his mother is really dead — she probably doesn’t want anything to do with him again.

  4. Here’s the problem. Some dumb guy ran and got him his chicken. No wonder these celebrities are such prima donnas. If everyone would just ignore them, they’d shut up.

  5. he has the face of “DROOPY”, folks!!
    ……and let’s just say she is “DIFFERENT”.

  6. Two people who are bearding for each other. Kanye is terrified his fans will find out he’s gay and she doesn’t care about being his beard because she doesn’t have to sleep with him. She has her GF on the side and she gets Kanye’s money. The only thing Kanye gets is more stupid with each passing day. Cool deal. LOL!

  7. Someone should have shoved a sucker in his mouth. Too bad his mother is not around to give him a good beating.

  8. That’s a really life-like robot he’s pulling along behind him. Wonder where he purchased it?

  9. Now from EVERY OTHER report of this event, it said Kanye was on his best behavior and was getting support from his peers in attendance. This is the ONLY story I’ve read that said he went off over freakin’ chicken. To put it bluntly: I don’t believe you.

  10. Re: “Snaps”

    You threw out his CDs because he was a dick? It’s the music industry! They’re all dicks. His problem is that he made the mistake of not hiding it from anyone. If you’re throwing out your CDs because of THIS (when it wasn’t the first time it’s happened…it just happen to be a blonde country singer this time). Then you’re a Controversy Idol and nothing else. You’ve forgotten how to separate the art from the artists or the product from the producer.

  11. Pity the fool. Only a deeply closeted and deeply unhappy gay man with a small penis would throw so many hissy fits AND drag around a half-naked “girlfried” to prove he’s straight. He’s drinking all that alcohol to kill the screaming in his soul.

  12. Kanye is just one temper tantrum away from beating up his current flavor of the month girlfriend, whoever she may be.

  13. Well…mr west is a very hurt individual and needs losts of prayer I give him my sympothy He jus wants to be knwn for somethin or nothin at all. Strip him of his fame and hed wish for it again thas wat fools do not sayin he a fool he jus actin like fools do

  14. How are any of you any better for insulting him behind a computer screen? If you don’t like him, don’t read stories about him or listen to his music, it’s not hard. But instead you take the time out to read this story and insult somebody you don’t even like? How are you even better?

  15. Do you guys seriously believe this crap? MAn, people are truly gullible these days…

  16. Yeah, as much as I dislike Kanye West, I do like his music. Hate Kanye, like Kanye’s music.

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