Justin Bieber is obviously figures his career future is blindingly bright. He already has a Ferrari, and now he’s shopping for a private jet! He flies a LOT and currently buys hours on NetJet so you won’t catch him on a commercial flight. He’s shopping around for a used Challenger or G-4. In the photo above, Justin is with his father Jeremy Bieber, 36, who was only 20 when Justin was born. Although Justin’s parents aren’t together, his father has always been part of his life.



  1. What’s that smell? Ah, trailer trash.

    BTW folks, Canadian trailer trash is much worse than the American variety.

  2. “Puberty” is quite a difficul time for mothers……

  3. This twerp is what the excitement is about. Worlds off its rocker.

  4. He was sick and got down to 110 pounds from his normal 130 pounds. Tweens and girls downadays scream for this little twit and the world is in a daze.

  5. The stupid runt should get out of the sun….white white skin under a hot hot sun = trouble.

  6. Hey, Bieb- Two words re; “Teen Heartthrobs”…

    Leif Garrett.
    (something about JB having already purchased a Ferrari rang that distant but deadly bell)

    Enjoy it now kid, while you can. But if I may, I’d like to encourage you to set some of that mad dough aside for when your voice changes, your haircut is OUT and everyone catches on to the fact that outside of crooning tweenie baby love ballads… you’ve out-lived your usefullness.

    Ah, nevermind. Just call Leif, he can explain it better than ANY of us ever could.

  7. Yeah Handbasket, I really did not get that “future looks bright” statement in the post. The Bieb will be on Celebrity Rehab or The Surreal Life Season 44 20 years from now, and with some sob story about how he lost his millions.

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