Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz have finally negotiated a “no-marriage pact” that they can both live with. Last summer Justin was feeling pressure from Cameron for a marriage commitment. She SAID she wasn’t interested in tying the knot, but her actions made is obvious she wanted to settle down. Justin who’s younger, wasn’t ready to commit and still had a few wild oats to sew. He thought they should take a break. (WE thought it was over, but it wasn’t.) Justin really loves Cameron and despite his reservations, she held onto her man – and convinced him they could be happy together without ties that bind. In July they looked at properties in Hawaii but they had to work through their relationship problems before buying anything. They just celebrated their “new understanding” by purchasing a 16 million dollar waterfront house in Oahu together.


  1. Why do women settle for crumbs? People do what they WANT to do. Evidently he doesn’t care enough about her to want to marry her. He will find someone and fall madly in love and dump her like yesterday’s news.

  2. Oh, wait. Hollywood marriages are always so forever. Why bother? Why do people think all women sit around dreaming of weddings and engagement rings? I don’t think she really cares. A million dollar joint real estate purchase is a pretty good sign of a serious relationship. Who needs a wedding.

  3. I think that she could do a lot better. Justin doesn’t seem to have a lot of personality or energy in him. She deserves better.

  4. She’s delusional. Younger man – older woman may be some big fad right now, but it never lasts (except perhaps in rare cases where the man has some problems, like he’s a gold-digger or looking for a mommie.)
    Now that Cameron is over 30 and Justin is still in his 20’s, she already looks like his mom when they are photographed together.
    When he’s ready to settle down in his 30’s, she’ll be in her 40’s — way over the hill in terms of looks, too old for children, etc., etc. And, Justin will still have his pick of 20-something girls. No future for Cameron there.
    Even when a woman matches up with an equal-age man, she is on shakey ground — just look at Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon who lost Brad Pitt and Ryan Phillipe to women around 10 years younger.
    If a woman is looking for something serious that will last, she’s wisest to look for a man at least 10 years older. Cameron doesn’t stand a chance with a man 10 years older. One day Justin will outgrow his ‘mommie’ and look for a girl 10 years younger than him.

  5. Look at Goldie and Kurt, never married and still together.
    Off topic, but no matter what Britney does she will never look like Cameron. Who wouldn’t want to be with that long, lean body?

  6. In hollywood, marriage vows just seem to get in the way. Both Parties have to much money to want to worry about sharing when they head to splitsville, and no prenup is foolproof. Also with a hot new person at every set who wants to settle for just one? All the traveling and time apart also wears and tears a realtionship, so in hollywood not marrying is practical. Remember stars don’t live in the real world, and what works for them won’t neccesarily work for us. So cameron and justin not marrying,seems like a wise choice for them. Back here on planet Earth however, I hope most couples take their relationships to the next level, and enjoy the wedded bliss.

  7. She’s an idiot.
    He’s a homosexual.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that……um, being a homosexual, I mean.
    Being an idiot, however, should be outlawed,
    Say buh-bye Cammie.

  8. He should go back to Britney (together they have the IQ of a turnip), and give his “mommy” the freedom to find somebody her own age.

  9. They never bought a house together. Where do you come up with this stuff? They’re at the end of the road to splitsville, you’ll see.

  10. maybe she DOES NOT want to get married??? she has bagged some of the hottest men in hollywoodland, lived with some for years, and NEVER got married.
    she’s famous, rich, somewhat good looking…… why not just enjoy hitting that fro-headed fag till the thrill wears off???
    why does society always play the woman in the needy pathetic role??? some of us just DON’T WANT TO BE A WIFE.

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