We will not soon forget the smug look on Jussie Smollett’s face when all that evidence was piling up that he had filed a fake police report about a hate crime against him. At first, we felt sorry for him – he’s such a sweet looking guy and we thought he might have mental problems. Obviously, what he has are EGO problems. He DID get a ton of publicity, but in the end, it was not sympathetic. The fact that he won’t be prosecuted was a shock at first – but in reality his only crime was fooling the Chicago police and wasting their time. He hired expensive lawyers to “influence” the right people and it probably cost him a LOT of money. It’s the idea that he thinks he got away with this and seems to enjoy the idea of being a hate crime victim that GRATES on our nerves…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. I think it would be better if he just kept his head down and his trap shut. Look pal, you collusion’s something. You got lucky so just stop with the theatrics.

  2. I would love to see this guy go to jail, he is certainly not innocent and that ugly fox woman needs to go down too. It’s a disgrace.

  3. He got away with one aspect. The FBI will nab him on the fake hate mail he sent to himself C/O Fox. I doubt he’ll find the same sort of political friends at the FBI he had in the corrupt Chicago prosecutors office. #BLACKPRIVELEGE

  4. If any white person accused a black person of a hate crime they would be roasted. They would be called racist, have their career destroyed and be run out of the country. that is not going to happen here. He will be canonized by the media and Hollywood. I bet he gets a book deal to tell his “story” and nabs a sympathetic interview with Gayle King. The whole thing is just gross beyond words.

  5. What a FARCE–and a black eye, no pun intended, for Chicago. Again.

    When the news broke yesterday–as unbelievable as it was–we thought immediately of a random comment we read on a major news site, after Smollett was sensationally arrested for staging this obvious hoax.

    The comment was a challenge to our own hard-won cynicism, but it was memorable. A paraphrase:

    You haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until it comes light exactly WHO put Smollett up to this. The same [we can’t recall the term used here] will make sure that he walks.

    All the world’s a stage, eh?

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