Dancing with the Stars pro Julianne Hough made the MOST of her time at the Day of Indulgence party on Sunday. Looks like she stocked up on just about everything that fit her and more… Will she make it to her car without help? That white bag on her back is full of Spanx which she might need when she appears on The Bachelorette. ABC wants Julianne, who happens to be divorced and between boyfriends, to appear on the show to boost ratings, which have sunk to an all-time low. Julianne is currently on a break from DWTS, and she’s definitely open to appearing on an upcoming season.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA



  1. Unadulterated greed is not a good luck for anyone. If I were a less pleasant person, I would have simply commented with “greedy pig.”

  2. Hi Dan.
    Hows your president doing?
    Amazing job for all to see!

  3. Patrick, What a national disgrace. The President of the United States saying he stands on letting terrorists take over a nation. Not even a plan to evacuate Americans. Between the border crisis, inflation,the fake mask/”vaccine” narrative, CRT and depleting our military, he and his administration have become the laughing stock of the world. World leaders are shocked. Yet we have citizens that blindly say he is doing a great job. Hell, he can’t even get IRS refunds back to their rightful owners. I am ashamed of him and cannot wait for the day the corrupt, demented old fool leaves office.

  4. Hey Dan. Joe said Hunter is the smartest person he knows.
    Can Hunter set things straight for his dad then?
    You know, between 8 balls and diddling underage relatives?
    You can’t make this stuff up. It’s on the record.

  5. The orange moron is the one who sucked Taliban… and now the bumblef..ks are blaming President Biden. Typical.

  6. Nope, Light Brigade get real. The military hasnt been depleted at all…..it keeps growing mightly every year wasting more and more taxpayer money. If kids want a well paying career today they should join up because hardly anywhere else do you get a pension w/COLA after 20 years and automatic raises every year no matter what you do. No one wants to talk about this dirty little secret and the most expensive military in history wasted trillions in Afghanistan plus lives lost and in the end the Taliban were stronger and richer than ever before.

    Hard questions need to be asked by American taxpayers where all the money went and why such poor results…..The answer is the Beltway Bandits and the Military were happy to grab as much money as they could get.

    Joey looks bad in this but it is every President since and including Bush to blame.

  7. Trump had the Talibans respect and fear.
    They knew he would kill them. In a minute if he wanted to.
    Biden and the smartest person he knows as well as cackles the Taliban clearly do not fear or respect.
    Is it possible China and Russia have the same opinion of Lifeguard Joe?
    Cheaters never prosper.

  8. Would it not make sense for Strom the ultimate, anti LGBTQ poster on this site to actually be aware of what is happening to the supposedly ultimate first attack force in the world under Bidens reign of military disrespect?
    Are China and Russias forces more concerned with equality of outcome than national interests?

  9. Spent time there and we never should be there….
    It is and has been all about money and Bush was conned by Military and Beltway Bandits into pouring $$$$ in their pockets for no outcome and each administration fell in line.

    Talibs were no more scared of Trump than of Joey. They were scared of B-52’s…..China and Russia could care less about anything but their interests and we should be the same.

    Send all the lesbos to Lesbos and make Hillary their Queen and Taylor Dane their chief minstrel!

  10. She brings in millions for the Mormon’s. Have you ever googled what goes on in the Temple basement in every city?

    Anybody think Janet is Q?

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