We happen to be quite fond of Johnny Depp so we’re not at all surprised when he does something beyond the call of duty. He’s been filming “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” at Pinewood Studios in the UK, and the weather has been bitterly cold. After noticing a lot of teeth chattering and shivering among his coworkers, Johnny ordered warm and waterproof hiking jackets for EVERYONE on the production. According to The Sun, at $100 apiece, the bill came out to nearly $50,000 for the large cast and crew of 500.


  1. Depp is just weird and I may be one of the few that don’t care for him. That Pirate series, where his name was Jack-Off Sparrow was ultra-boring.

  2. $50K is chump change for someone like Depp. It was a nice little gesture. “Little” being the keyword.

  3. This Disney crap is robbing Americans of their disposable income. Don’t let your children watch this rubbish.

  4. This guy is pretty close to perfect. The production company could have done this but they didn’t. He did it for his coworkers.

    Who knew this kid from 12 Jump Street would mature into such a generous person and great actor?

  5. Nice of him to do, but I don’t understand why the production company didn’t provide whaever was needed for the cast and crew. It shouldn’t be up to the stars to provide nesessities of comfort on this level. It’s a health issue. I think they could be sued for this.

  6. Reta, the production company is American, no? That explains it all. I worked for American companies, and they have no repect for workers – they act as if the people doing the work that brings in the money are morons and cheats and thieves. In other countries people treat their farm animals better than most American corporations treat their workers.

  7. I guess by now Johnny and Vanessa could be considered “common law”. I think it takes 7 years to have this title. But it may be different in France. Wonder if she has given up on him making her an honest woman, or maybe she doesn’t want to, even after 2 or 3 kids.

  8. Janet – thanks for the great pic of JD. I love him like you do.

    Captain America – if you hate Depp so much, why don’t you take him off your google alert?

  9. Indy, don’t worry about it, V does not care. She has enough money of her own, and she knows Depp is smart enough to thank God every day that he has her. French women are the exact opposite of American women, and I don’t know how one would compare them to African-American women. Man, French women must laugh their asses off when they hear Beyonces Put a Ring on It – it must be so ridiculous to them.

  10. and a french woman would come nowhere near a closeted, gay black man like you. you’re not depp!

  11. Strom, I have no control over what or who you fantasize about when you slip the vibrator in. And until you make the news because of your auto-erotic stragulation accident, I don’t have to hear about it.

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