When we saw this photo of John Legend ALONE at the Tribeca Film Festival our first thought was: It must be KILLING Chrissy Teigen to stay home from this event! John was there for the premier of the documentary Legend of the Underground, which he co-produced. The HBO film documents the rampant anti-LGBTQ discrimination in Nigeria and it’s quite an accomplishment for John. His missing wife Chrissy has learned that your tweets can come back to haunt you – and hers did in a big way. Her reputation and business deals are all a mess since her cruel messages to other women on social media have surfaced. Luckily, John has not suffered because he’s married to her – NBC and The Voice still love him. And he still gets invitations…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA



  1. Poor Chrissy is obviously suffering from severe mental illness. Hopefully she can be incarcerated and treated before she hurts more people.

  2. Chrissy is a piece of garbage and she deserves to be exiled, she lacks talent and she thinks her obnoxious, foul mouth was her way into a fabulous world, I almost feel bad for John, but I’m sure he knows what a jerk he married, hate to say it, but they can both go away. Unnecessary

  3. He knows first hand what a bitch she is. How he settles for that is beyond me. Can you just imagine what she must be like to live with?

    I’m no fan of either of these two. Like Cheerio said, they can both go away.

  4. John Legend is a very educated man with a great reputation. His wife is uneducated, hateful and a loudmouth. People lose respect for the spouse of hateful people. Why would he marry someone so awful? Makes one wonder about him.

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