Bo Derek‘s 1979 movie “10” launched a hairstyle fad – beaded braids – and also launched inferiority complexes in millions of females. Who could measure up to her impossible perfection at the TOP of the men’s rating scale for women? The Blake Edwards comedy was a hit and it made Bo a star. Now it’s being remade (yet another example of Hollywood running out of original ideas) but several leading men have turned DOWN the role originated by the late Dudley Moore. (The plot is about a Hollywood songwriter in the throes of mid-life crisis, who goes on vacation in Mexico and becomes infatuated with his dentist’s daughter who is honeymooning there.) Maybe they don’t want to be associated with “mid-life crisis” – but Hugh Grant and Dennis Quaid both turned the role down. We hear Jim Carrey has accepted and hope he can keep his face under control for this one. Now the search is on for a modern-day “10” female costar – we think it will be difficult to top Bo. Any suggestions?

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37 thoughts on “JIM CARREY: PERFECT TEN?

  1. TARA REID??? You’ve got a GREAT sense of humour!! How about Jessica Alba? That’s what I call a 10…although she has much to much class to take on THAT role…Tara would readily accept…what else does she have going on? Zippo….she also has zippo class, is a skank, a drunk, fake body parts and the brain of a door knob….PERECT I guess!

  2. Jessica is a 10…..in the I.Q. department. She takes no-talent-dumbass celebrity to a whole new low.

  3. This part has your name all over it Janet!
    Or maybe Ginger too.
    Perfect 10’s in my book!

  4. Bo Derek didn’t start a trend of wearing corn rowed hair.
    The Dereks choose this style after seeing lots of young girls around LA wearing beaded, cornrowed hair.
    The Dereks wanted a look for Bo that was the antithesis of the ultra fluffy, Jose Eber styled “Farrah”.

  5. They need to cast an unknown like they did with Bo Derek.Many of todays actresses are pure trash,all flash and no class….OYE VEY

  6. Carey is a weird pick I agree.
    He can’t stop his face from jumping right of his head and running away on him.
    He can’t stop it!
    It’s another life form.

  7. Janet, that’s funny that you criticize “Hollywood [for] running out of original ideas”. Look at you, you keep giving us warmed over leftover gossip!
    Get out there and get us some good stuff!

  8. It has to be someone that has some meat on her. Jessica Biel could fill the role, Alba is too young. It could also be a Heidi Klum type. Are there any of those in Hollywood?

  9. Oh, that gorgeous Vicky Secrets model, Adriana Lima would be perfect


  11. For an established babe, I think Carmen Elektra would be the right type.
    I believe an “unknown” beauty would make this a more fun and interesting movie, and give a dream to come true for one of the real people.
    Whever is chosen, Jenny better keep Jim OFF the @Viagra!

  12. Brenda O’Sullivan
    Brenda O’Sullivan
    Brenda O'Sullivan

    She poses naked at the drop of a hat. She hung with Jim at Soho House in Hollywood and she thinks he likes her. She was a model at (ahem) Elita L.A. Now she just takes naked pics of herself with her friend and posts them. But she’s Puuurrrrfecttttt!

  13. I don’t know Jim Carrey is so weird and a very strange actor and it is hard to get used to him…He is so freaky and unlike any one on this earth…I Did like him a Movie where he played Gay and was a Jail Bird Movie and really good at a true story like movie but to do Perfect Ten would be Crazy in my book.

  14. Sometimes movies really torch the world and at that moment of creativeness in life and how a movie should be and how it really moves the world is something that is Perfect Ten is hard to take it to another level…Either it’s going to Bomb or maybe there is away to make it better! But in life we never know how it is going to work out?

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