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Jewel Kilcher and her boyfriend, world champion cowboy Ty Murray, don’t get to Hollywood so often anymore, but they didn’t forget to eat at Il Sole while they’re here. The sentimental singer and her bronco-riding beau have been living “like hermits” in tiny Stephenville, Texas for several years. They appreciate the small-town life and almost forgot what it was like to be photographed. We still love her snaggle-tooth smile.

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5 thoughts on “JEWEL AND HER COWBOY

  1. I still can’t believe that she used to fcuk Sean Pean!
    Like the odd tooth it makes her stand out from the rest of the H’wood blondes

  2. it is classy for a celeb to SMILE, pose for a photo or two, and sign an autograph for their fans.
    a lot of these entertainers literally did anything to achieve their fame but once they’ve achieved their goal, they pretend to be put upon martyrs.

  3. I’m just waiting for Paparrazi to show up in Clinton, KY and photograph all those celebrities that hang out at that Bed & Breakfast.
    Course, some have even camped out in their luxury mobile homes at Columbus, Ky site of a Civil War battle on the bluff over looking the Mississippi. I mean, were talking complete privacy and when their here they walk around and nobody really notices who they are cause most folks don’t have time to gawk.

  4. Boy, don’t you know that cowboy rides a wild gal…or rather she rides him.

  5. jewel alright she cool but why would she date that cowboy ty murry i mean she could do better then that texas freak of hers and
    i dont know if it the picture but it looks like he got one blue eye one brown eye but still i do not like him but jewel lovely even with her ragged teeth

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