Jessica's Folly

Jessica Simpson has been busy dashing from one store to another promoting her new shoe collection. Two hundred fans waited in line for hours at Nordstrom at the Grove, and Jessica finally stumbled in the door complaining that her feet were killing her! She was teetering in red patent slingback high heels (from her collection) and was heard muttering “Geez- these hurt more than the other ones!”
Could it be she hadn’t tried on her own line of shoes before? Salespeople were perplexed because Jessica’s fans are mostly around 14, but her shoes are platforms with six inch heels sexy, and better suited to strippers than teens. Mothers were heard warning their daughters that they could get autographs, but NO shoes. According to a store clerk , some of the Jessica shoes sold have already been returned because they’re “too uncomfortable. ”
Photo courtesy of Mavrix Photo

6 thoughts on “Jessica's Folly

  1. I tried on a pair and I have to tell you – people are right – they are very uncomfortable. Sorry Jess!

  2. This girl should look into quality control of the products she endorses; they all sound cheaply made, from her jeans to her sweet kisses dessert cosmetics line, to her WIGS (have you SEEN those monstrosities?) and now the shoes.
    She’ll end up being associated with cheap crap, if she isn’t already.

  3. i own 44 pair of jessicas shoes and they are all a perfect fit. So easy to wear. I love them and will keep buying them. I get so many compliments when im wearing any of her shoes. I wore her swimsuit shoes around disneylad all day and they were perfect. If your not use to wearing heels you shouldnt!!!!

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