The more we hear about Jessica Seinfeld the more we think Jerry Seinfeld was brilliant to have chosen her as his wife. Jessica got a bad rep because she took up with Jerry soon after regretfully marrying someone else. Sometimes you meet the right person at the wrong time, but Jerry was right to pursue her anyway. He has admitted that his smart wife runs his life- she arranges his schedule and makes sure he keeps all appointments. She literally does everything for him except write jokes. All this, while working for her children’s charity and raising THEIR three children (Shephard, 7, Julian, 9, and Sascha, 12) and feeding them organic home made food. Yes, she’s a fabulous and healthy cook and has written several cook books. And now she’s coming out with a cook book for people like us who lack kitchen skills – it’s called “The Can’t Cook Book: Recipes for the Absolutely Terrified.”


  1. Maybe she needs to write some jokes for him because he hasn’t been funny for many, many years.

  2. Who’s recipes did she jack this time for her book? She’s far from perfect, annoying is more the word.

  3. I can be the perfect wife too if someone with a gazillion dollars wants to support me. I will do EVERYTHING to keep you!!!!

  4. Their mansion in the Hampton’s cost $38 million dollars. Gee, I bet she has to get up awful early to do all that vacuuming and dusting. Not to mention going to the grocery in preparation for cooking 1 or 2 squares a day. And by that time, the laundry is piling up? (2 kids, maybe 3, can’t remember) lol Really, do you wonder how much help they have? I’m guessing a gardener, a laundress, and a full-time maid.

  5. Oh, PLEASE. I wonder how long Mrs. Seinfeld would last in MY world — cooking dinner from scratch every night (no help), washing dishes, keeping the house clean, which includes scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom floors w/ bucket and sponges once a week, grocery shopping (various stores to take advantage of weekly specials), paying all bills, watering and weeding yard, and oh yeah, taking care of hubby and my teenage daughter and all that goes along with that! I give it… one week. Plus, I work outside of the house about 20 hours a week.

  6. Janet please feed that bone to another dog, because this dog knows this relationship is far from perfect. Jerry is clearly deficient except in the wallet department.

  7. Jesus, Janet! Kiss-ass, much? You can put the chapstick down now. BTW, I have had the unpleasantness of encountering Jerry in public a few times – the guy is a total douche!

  8. Jerry was only funny on his show, “Seinfeld”. His stand-up gigs suck bigtime.

    But, the reason I DO like Jerry is as follows:

    When he was the first co-host after Regis left, he put Kelly Ripa down……He said she was the only one bringing in any money. She knew that of course, but did not want the world thinking about how she totally supported her hubby and their 3 kids. ( And that is why I like JS.)

  9. I can’t stand him. He’s the biggest jerk ever and bragged about stealing another man’s wife when he hosted SNL. He’s a total pig and she’s probably not much better.

  10. Indy, your first comment is right on, and Hilary, you’re preaching to the choir sister.

  11. She didn’t regretfully marry someone else. She met Jerry Seinfeld shortly after returning from her honeymoon which was 3 weeks long. And she was said to have had a huge crush on Jerry Seinfeld for years before meeting him. In NY she was considered a gold digger who found a bigger fish shortly after she landed her first one.

  12. For some strange reason I find Jerry attractive!? As for her, I would not be surprised to find that she has no real female friends, I doubt she is a nice person.

    And seems like a fluff piece, when rumours are abound (CDaN) that she is cheating.

  13. NO, JC.

    Can’t get with this one here.

    years ago Mrs Seinfeld was featured on a morning news program presenters were gushing and fawning over this woman while the I had to rack my brain to figure out who she is and what she has accomplished other than marrying well.

    seinfeld would have married a nordic blonde if it hadnt been for elaine bennis!

  14. Christine India, why were you so thrilled that Jerry tried to make fun of Kelly for supporting her family, that’s kind of lame that he would go there; considering that he is supporting his rat looking Jew wife. What a jerk.

  15. Amazing that the jews all start drawing together and showing their fangs as soon as someone calls out one of their number….who deserves it. The little “wifie” is one sneaky golda who is willing to step over anything, including morals, to gain some shekels!

    Where is Fred the $$$ Goldman when you need him? Sorry, he’s down at the deli!

  16. @ Cheap Dirty Janet:

    That is a fair question. The reason I was glad that Jerry said that to Kelly is this: Kelly has said many times “Girls, you should get a man like I have who pays all the bills”. Ha ha, Mark Consuelos pays the bills all right, out of the money that she and she alone puts in the checking account. But what the hell, I guess she is a huge success, even though exceedingly vain.

    I agree Jerry is supporting his ‘rat-looking wife’, who I think is very cunning, crafty and does indeed look like a rat. Funny though, Jerry and Jessica are starting to look like each other. LOL

  17. Ha he is one arrogant WHITE and doubts that he has a spare 100k around so the money is as likely to be paid as a WHITE is to leave a waitress a tip, Nada!
    Way too Hominid looking!

    Nothing is as arrogant as a self important WHITE and Mitt shows why. Good thing the photo was from the front because his caboose is as wide or wider than even Jesus’s! And even Mormoner!

    Amazing that the Baptists all start drawing together and showing their fangs as soon as someone calls out one of their number….who deserves it. The little “wifie” is one sneaky Wanda June who is willing to step over anything, including morals, to gain some dollars !
    Where is Warren the $$$ Buffet when you need him? Sorry, he’s down at the Taco Bell!

    I’m not retarded, I’m just a drooling racist….

  18. Nancy Kaye don’t get mad you know a lot of Jews do have that rodentia look, it doesn’t mean we don’t like you. I don’t like Jerry and his wife, I think they’re positively awful but I love the Jews. Jesus was Jewish.

  19. Jesus was a liberal, commie hippy fudgepacker, send him to the island with Sherry lynne and miss lakes o fire !!!

    ye hah !

  20. HaHa, last 2 Strom posts were from the poor little imposter.

    It got off early from the Call Center and was just able to get him some jollies by imitating its hero Strom. It just can’t quite pull it off because of a lack of both education and panache!

    Run back now the Indian master Call Center Commander will make you stay late and not give you any rice if you aren’t on time.

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