And that friend happens to be a cute and very portable French Bulldog. Jeremy has some time on his hands since his series Wisdom of the Crowd was canceled – after he was accused of predatory sexual behavior by eight women. (No violence or rape) Not really sure if that affected the series’ cancellation, but Jeremy’s reputation has suffered because he didn’t handle it well. The 52 year old Entourage star blasted the women, denied everything, and called them liars. He SHOULD have simply apologized and acknowledged that he may have behaved badly and he has learned his lesson. Jeremy is now doing stand-up – his stand-up comedy tour starts next month at a club in Naples, Florida.

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  1. From the expression on that dog’s face, I highly doubt it.

  2. I’m going to channel my inner JNUT fashion police and ask, “what type of man wears those hideous style of pants?”

  3. Pants have to go. Love the dog! But as for the accusations, he released his lie detector test which showed he was telling the truth when he denied the accusations. He is rumored to be a real jerk on set, but I’m not so sure about the other accusations. There needs to be due process, before someone is fired for accusations, even multiple ones. I hope there was, in this case.

  4. He was cute (sorta kinda) when he played Ellen’s cousin during the run of one of her sitcoms.

    But we have never heard anything remotely positive about his personality over many years. Could success have gone to his head?

    He and John Cusack (no great day at the beach, either, reportedly) were very old friends from their Chicago days, but are now said to loathe each other.

    Regarding Piven, we’re reminded of a great line in “The Shape of Water,” spoken by Zelda, as played by Octavia Spencer:

    “Short men are MEAN–all of ’em. Mean little back-stabbers! Never met one who stayed nice all the way through. Maybe it’s the air down there. Not enough oxygen.” 😀

  5. @Giuliana De Pandi-Rancid your quote is spot on! I have known several short men and they are just like that!

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