Jim Carrey has the girl of his dreams (Jenny McCarthy) wrapped around his little finger. How’d he do it? We can spell it out in two words: TANTRIC SEX! We’re as surprised as you are, but Jenny has been quoted gushing about their sex life, calling it “beautiful.” In fact, Jim is a practitioner of Tantric sex which is a meditative, slow moving ethereal kind of sex that can be particularly pleasing to women as well as men. It makes everything last longer and lovemaking can go on for hours. Jim taught Jenny the joys of Tantric sex and she’s become an avid pupil – and more than a little addicted to HIM.

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  1. It’s not like Jim is working anymore, so he has had plenty of time to master it and use it on Jenny.
    But, what will happen when they no longer are fucking? They’ll both realize they can’t stand each other.

  2. That post has produced an image in my head that I will never, ever unsee. Thanks a lot, Janet.

  3. DO think Jim does his ass talking routine as he did in Ace Ventura before she rams her starp on dildo up his ass?
    I can hear Jim now in his deep ass talking voice “Come on bitch, give it to me good. Ram that dildo deep in my aass!!!!!”

  4. He must really be talented. I know for a fact that he’s fooling around on Jenny, so I guess he can tantrically screw two women at the same time.
    What a stud.

  5. Hahahahah@anon 2:01.
    They make a cute couple she’s lucky even though he’s a bit crazy he’s very talented, sexy and rich as a damn king.

  6. He seems like such a manic person on tv interviwes that I find it hard to believe that he is able to practice tantric sex. It takes a lot of patience to learn but once you learn it…wow! Maybe he can actually focus on something in peace…

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