Jennifer Lopez, 42, hasn’t been as hot and sexed up as she appeared at the AMA’s in a VERY long time. Marriage seemed to tame her. Now on the fast-track to being single – she’s taking a tip from Madonna and cutting loose – romancing her young and muscular back-up dancer Casper Smart, 24. After they appeared onstage together, she hustled him to the Greystone Manor after-party and introduced him to other celebrities like Chris Brown and Pitbull, on their way to a private booth. Many smooches and a few steamy lap dances later, they left holding hands. Casper’s head must be spinning.


  1. The backup dancer is hot!!! I would do his hair for free free free baby.

  2. I saw J LO’s performance last night. Yup, she is definately HORNY, HORNY, HORNY for somebody! Her performance just screamed FUCK ME, and I mean, HERE and NOW!!

    This guy will do, for about 6 months. By the way, he isn’t that great looking from the photos I have seen. The pic above does him a lot of justice.

    I was just thinking J-LO and A-Rod would make a good match. Mmm, imagine the media frenzy surrounding that hook up. They could be known as J-Rod!

  3. Say what you will about J Lo, she can’t sing, but the woman can DANCE her ass off. She still has a figure and energy to shame a person half her age.

  4. I agree with one of the previous posts, J-Ho is disgusting. One has to wonder what example she is providing for her children. To dispose of someone, then have another take that persons place in a matter of months? I guess she looks in the mirror and sees a 20 something woman, but she needs to check her birth certificate, she’s 42 and needs to act her age.

  5. If it’s true Marc controlled her and cheated then revenge is a dish well served cold.
    She dedicated Six years to him and his career and family. Now it’s her time to shine again and if he wasn’t on board with that then good riddance.

  6. Bar none the hottest backup dancers I have ever seen were with Bryan Ferry on this years tour. My wife was brought to tears by this concert and I was speechless.Stunning.
    Google Bryan Ferry on Letterman this year for a taste. Pay attention to Dave’s response after the song.

  7. oh yes, Ben Affleck’s Mother was thanking God (for the other Jennifer) at the moment JLo cocked herself up to Pit Bull’s crotch.

  8. J Lo has now been caught in another lie about her Fiat commercial. People should understand that everything about her is fake and that all she is doing is cashing in on poor stupid hispanic girls in the garbage she promotes.

  9. Ben should be the happiest man in the world that he didnt make that fatal mistake.

  10. She’s washed up after these next 5 months of fame. Although I agree a high profile romance in front of the paps with a rod might keep her along for 8 months, a full year if there’s a wedding

  11. Her managers have managed her career very well….talentless but they have managed to have her show up and promote overpriced products to poor hispanic women who know no better.

    She was a Kardashian before Kardashaians began making $$ and her fling with BLACK Puffy may have given KK the idea to GO BLACK!

  12. I told my sister, after seeing pictures of J-Lo celebrating her b-day in Las Vegas, J-Lo is about to become a hot mess! Her being on the prowl again was going to be kinda tragic.

    I don’t care how much younger he is than her but I think we have seen this before from her. Anyone remember her second husband Cris Judd( also a backup dancer) the temporary husband sandwiched between relationships years back? I don’t know her at all buheir seems as if she can not NOT be in a relationship, she’s jumped from one to another. So this is just her MO!

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