100207_janetcutgrammyparty2.jpgJanet Jackson’s relationship with Jermaine Dupri remains on thin ice. Since Janet’s album fizzled and Jermaine left her record label, things haven’t been the same. Now that Jermaine is working at Island Records, he and Janet have less in common. Jermaine had a big industry party at Xenii last week and Janet spent most of her evening alone in the VIP room while Jermaine was onstage working the mic. She looked annoyed and complained when the VIP room became really crowded. A friend remarked “Janet and Jermaine used to be very cozy, and he rarely left her side. Now there’s distance.” The friend said “If Jermaine could get Janet away from Virgin Records and signed on HIS Island label, they’d be much happier- but it’s not likely to happen.”


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  3. Unless there’s a breast on the loose, JJ and JD don’t interest me much…

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  5. What happened here is that after looking at Janet’s fug face during the first course of dinner, Jermaine suddenly fell ill, promptly stood up and shouted, “check please!”.

  6. do you know why the grown jackson children are seldom seen together??? because they are all the same person.

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