jw2.woodscutjpgJust when you thought James Woods might have come to his senses – he’s back with his barely legal girlfriend Ashley Madison, who is 39 years YOUNGER than he is. The Shark star made a big deal out of announcing that he broke up with the aspiring actress when she misbehaved and was insensitive at his brother’s funeral. Ashley was described as wearing a micro miniskirt, chainsmoking, and looking at magazine photos of herself at the funeral while Woods wept. That was a few months ago and we thought James had actually wised up. But it didn’t take long for him for forgive and forget, and Ashley is a fixture on the Shark set once again.


  1. Not feeling sorry for this guy anymore. There are plenty of super-smart, compassionate, and beautiful blondes out there that he could be with if he wanted. He evidently wants shallow, self-serving ones and that speaks a lot to what his character is. Keep swimming in the shallow end James, that’s where all the dirt eventually winds up.

  2. What do you mean by saying that he “wised up”? He should be having sex with at young girl on a constant basis…as much and as often as he can. That is what puts that smile on his face and that frown on yours. Quit judging and go and get laid…it would do you a world of good.

  3. Money talks…I can’t imagine she is totally interested in him. She must of lost her Daddy.

  4. James…trolling for sophomores…tsk.
    Bet he’s not smiling so large when they’re trying to discuss world politics with him.

  5. Woods is an old fool who thinks having a very young woman makes him look virile. Remember him from The Way We Were? He had tons of PS work done! A nose job or two! What these old farts do not realize is women are insulted and we are all happy the teen girlfriend didn’t give a damn about Woods’ best friend in the whole world at his funeral.

  6. Nevermind the late Uncle Milty, it is James Woods who is renowned for having the biggest phallus in Hollywood. Note, I said HAVING not BEING.

  7. Is it correct that she is the daughter of a very old, close friend? It’s just that if you compare their mouths and noses there is a striking resemblance. Perhaps he wasn’t just close frinds with the father!

  8. Dude has issues with women.
    And IMO, he shouldn’t even LOOK at a woman younger than the age of 35.
    He has something to prove and it’s pathetic.

  9. Am I the only one that thinks he’s revolting. The young woman is the definition of a whore and he’s a pervert. He must be paying her plenty.

  10. can we say statutory rape? i cant spell that right now, but i bet she was like 13 when that old fart started trying to grope her.

  11. James Woods once famously said (regarding his young girlfriends) that when you go out and get a new pet, you don’t get a dog, you get a puppy. I wonder how his girlfriends feel about being likened to a pet dog?

  12. Great genious actor, JAMES WOODS, 63, addicted to young mediocre so-called actresses, dumped Ashley something, yet dating Danielle PANABAKER, 20 = see pix on ‘gettyimage.com’/ Feb.2009, “WOODS and PANABAKER to-gether in New York, February 2009”. PATHETIC is the word,

    CECILIA, Beverly Hills


  14. WOODS is not married – splits from Madison, go back to Madison, splits again, and so one.
    used to date several girls at the same time,
    old buddy : we love you anyway,

    JEREMY W., Los Angeles

  15. according to web of actress ASHLEY MADISON, (former pal of James Woods)she seems to be part of DATING ASHLEYMADISON AGENCY : homepage of her web ‘ashleymadisontv.com’ illustrated by her own pictures as well as lot of Dating AshleyMadison Agency’ commercials : is the young actress ‘working’ for the Dating Agency ? = SOFIA

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