Okay, so Dolce and Gabbana aren’t fans of IVF or gay families created using IVF – even though they are gay themselves. Aren’t they allowed to have an opinion- however much we may disagree with them? Ryan Murphy seems to be leading the charge against anyone who implies they do not fully support gays – although it seems he couldn’t care less about any one else marginalized – women, blacks, whatever. Let’s face it, women have always supported gays far more than gays have supported women. Certain gay celebrities seem to be LOOKING for imagined slights so they can loudly complain and incite action. Calling for a boycott against anyone who doesn’t agree with you is absurd. A personal boycott makes sense if you’re fanatical, but to try and destroy the business of someone who doesn’t share your ideals is vindictive. Get OVER yourself, Elton. If gay people can’t criticize gays, imagine what would happen if a straight person – or heaven forbid, a woman, did.

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  1. “Synthetic” kids?

    The gays against the gay family or adoption by gays are like the women against the right of the women or birth control…totally idiot in my opinion

  2. Elton has never been know for his subtly. He and I are in the same age bracket. Growing up I never thought that marriage and families, much less biologically connected children would be possible in my lifetime. His life, in terms of family, has far exceeded anything his younger self would have imagined. I can certainly understand his anger. D & G are near his age and part of the same exclusive world that Elton is in. They had to know their religious viewpoint would cause a firestorm. Given their business I expect they have been hearing it from more than just Elton.

  3. The D&G twit was dismissing ALL surrogate and IVF children as ‘synthetic’ non people, it had very little to do with being gay and everything to do with outright bigotry.

    Simply a moronic thing to say and defending his bigoted views on religious grounds is even more obnoxious when according to this same religion he is a disgusting degenerate for being gay.

    D&G are known for their thoughtless bigotry , they last time they were in a shit storm was over their ‘black mammy’ jewelery. If you offend people expect them to snap back.

  4. Excellent post Janet. It’s getting to the point where no one can say anything anymore.

  5. When will he be jailed for pedophilia? Oh and hes a satanist too….

  6. No, Janet. You are incorrect. You cannot have certain opinions. Surely you are old enough to remember, in days gone by, flipping on the tv and listening to people sitting around discussing the topics of the day. Perhaps interracial marriage. Or women in the workplace. I don’t need to re-tread the positions that may have been offered but, suffice to say, they are not just simply opinions;They are unnacceptable. No, you cannot have destructive, hateful, out-of-touch-with-reality-and-the times “opinions” and not expect an uproar.

  7. EM is right D & G always cross the line. Elton is right to point it out.
    Synthetic kids is a stupid statement.

  8. You can have any opinion you want. Who’s to JUDGE? Isn’t that the mantra. Oh that’s right…your opinion HAS TO ALIGN a certain way to be deemed correct? What makes your opinion the right one? Because YOU say so?

  9. Prancing gays are always ready to call out slights, real or imagined. The real slight is the damage they have caused by the spreading of AIDS and other STDs.

  10. you are wrong, Janet. yes they are entitled to their stupid opinions, but they come from a deep hate of gays and alternative families from the catholic church, those idiots are Italians.
    and you seem to be bitter about the support of gays on women’s issues. get over it. boycotting anything is a personal matter, and the actions or words of people that represent a global company will make anyone to buy or not their products. is not like if YOU wear anything by D&G

  11. Janet, I’ve been following you for at least 30 years and it is time for me to stop. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to delete you out of my favorites folder. Take care.

  12. I’d rather see your blog delete all the racist & bigoted comments first!

  13. As said, prancing gays are always ready to call out slights, real or imagined. The real slight is the damage they have caused by the spreading of AIDS and other STDs.

  14. You’re an idiot Janet. My husband and I have two kids, both our biological children through surrogacy and you want to shut Elton John up? I hate your website. I won’t promote your website. I’ll diss your website.

  15. I think the problem is the choice of words they used not necessarily what they are’s crazy to attack them when we should be trying to understand each side and not spread what was basically an ill-thought-out verbal diarrhea moment to the masses as hate it’s total hypocrisy and ignorant on both sides

  16. Elton needs attention – he should just get over himself. What a sick life he led. Druggie, alcoholic, sicko and lots more!!! What a role model. Let’s boycott him.

  17. The look on Elton’s face just screams:

    These pesky hemorrhoids are acting up again. David and I are constantly running to the pharmacy for preparation H. How on earth can I get rid of them?

    (Anyone have any answer for him?)

  18. I don’t always agree with you Janet but this time you are spot on. I can’t believe all the people who think Elton John is correct. Who decides what gets to be said in public. Is there a big book of accepted phrases and topics that no one else but gay people is privy to. Let’s just flip the switch for awhile then. When someone say something that offends the gays and they call for a boycott let’s just piss them off and also call for a boycott of a gay business and let them suffer. So it will be tit for tat (very intentional)and see who comes out the winner. And yes I do agree with them word for word.

  19. Um I don’t think women have supported Gay men more or longer than gay men have supported women… I disagree with you there. Gay men do your hair, make-up, they decorate your homes, design your dresses and arrange your flowers and In return most women return the favor by expressing their disappointment whenever they hear someone is actually “Gay”….
    Gay men have fought a silent and humiliating battle for years…. The fact that we are still fighting for equal rights and there are still states that won’t legalize gay marriage proves my PIONT.
    Elton, Ryan and D&G are all entitled to their own opinions however ridiculous they may be…. Sadly no one gave D&G much time to explain before jumping on this lame boycott.
    Everyone has once again behaved a little badly and judged a little too hastily… Even you Janet!

  20. Oh dear, some of you are so entitled and hysterical I don’t even know where to begin. Their reference to “synthetic” kids wasn’t about IVF as much as it was about gays buying sperm/eggs from anonymous donors on the internet and creating a turkey baster baby. A child has a right to a mother AND a father. A child has a right to know what ethnicity it is and what it’s genetic background is but when you create kids through artificial means the child is deprived that and there are psychological consequences. If you don’t think so then go read the story on Yahoo about the woman raised by two moms who came out against gay marriage. We are going against nature.

  21. I think the term synthetic kids is very hurtful and so rude. People all over this planet have had to turn to IVF, and that doesn’t make those precious children any less REAL than those born the old fashioned,natural way. Elton is entitled to do what he pleases in terms of boycotting companies whose views he disagrees with, and people who don’t like THAT can just shut their big mouths. You’d soon hear THEM screaming if somebody told them they couldn’t express their opinions.

  22. Let’s discuss how Elton John’s Mum just turned 90 and had an Elton John impersonator at her party since her real son is too selfish to be there

  23. Nope, family matters and Elton is a hero to stand up for his and other surrogate families. D&G would protest chemo and other medicines because cancer should heal itself naturally?

  24. He’s so smug about his beliefs being righteous and non the wiser for his snubs to people whom haven’t bothered him at all to live his life as he wished.. shooting off his mouth accusing whomever of preventing him from doing as he wished, they didn’t and not settling it privately, by simply not buying there anymore from the fashion house shows his rude aggression and hateful nature is reason enough to accuse him of bullying others and forcing something that he had no obejection to.. insanity

  25. It has nothing to do with their kids.

    As Bob knows, prancing gays and knarly lesbians are always ready to call out slights, real or imagined. The real slight is the damage they have caused by the spreading of AIDS and other STDs.

  26. Tiny little imposter so wants to be rich and famous like Strom but instead just sneaks around and tries to be funny. The Call Center gives him a short break and he runs to post.

  27. The reason Elton is so successful is because he HID his gayness for years and year; remember when he was MARRIED? That was a sham. Such a hypocrit.

  28. Poor little imposter shows his lack of education on every post. He so wants to be Strom.

  29. strom, you really have lost it. No one said anything to you.
    Whack job, big time.

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