When Tom Cruise’s people finished packing up his offices at Paramount, two interesting pieces of info leaked out. When he remodeled his office, Tom had a porthole cut into the wall so he could sit at his desk and enjoy the view of the Paramount Pictures water tower. Sometimes he occupied the offices day after day, and at other times he was gone for months. Since day one, he always had a standing order – when he returned, whether it was after a day or a month, he had to have a NEW toilet seat installed in his personal bathroom. We can’t help but wonder if anyone saved those stacks of nearly new toilet seats, and if they’ll be turning up on eBay.

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12 thoughts on “IS THAT SEAT TAKEN?

  1. ARe you sure it wasn’t a hole in the wall in the bathroom?? It’s what they call A GLORY HOLE! I am sure Tom is quite familiar with glory holes.

  2. Janet you got a troll problem.
    To bad it’s not even fun or interesting.

  3. what a total non-story. britney released more federline spawn into the world and your reporting about a toilet seat????

  4. He has good hygiene and I would do the same! other people might have used that toilet seat and he wants to be extra careful but he could have gotten some Lysol.

  5. The hole in the wall is odd, but the toilet seats story is a unique little gem. The eccentricities these people build up are amazing.
    P.S. Thank you for not boring me with a Britneyline White Trash story today.

  6. This is a completely stupid story. Mr. Cruise may be more eccentric nowadays and different from a lot of peeps but this story just sounds like some editor making up stuff to continue the Anti-Tom Cruise campaign. I still like his movies and will continue watching them. I’ll just ignore his rants about Scientology.

  7. I agree. I’m so sick of all the Tom Cruise-haters. While I disagree with Scientology and his personal attack against Brooke Shields, this has nothing to do with his movies. If I had to like everything about each actors’ personal lives before I decided to watch their movies, I’d have very little to watch. If you people need an actor to hate and refuse to see his movies, check out Russell Crowe. Now there’s an *ss.

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