If his style is any indication, Drake’s father Dennis Graham is at the very least, an aspiring pimp. He’s a musician in his own right and recently released a music video featuring him in a white suit, seated on a throne, surrounded by beautiful young women. Is he competing with his successful son? Eccentricities aside, Dennis and Drake ARE apparently quite close. We wonder if Drake will look like his dad in 25 years….

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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4 thoughts on “IS DRAKE’S FATHER A PIMP?

  1. Why does how a person dresses have to define who they are. So he likes colorful and flashy clothes, so what?!!! Doesn’t mean anything, he is just expressing his inner artist. Does Janet’s wierd hair color mean she is an idiot? I don’t think so, but just saying – #judgemental.

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